Cigar News: Aganorsa Leaf Lunatic 10×100 Announced

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Aganorsa Leaf dares to push the conventional boundaries of possibility when it comes to large cigar vitolas and is releasing a gigantic 10 x 100 Belicoso Maduro under the Lunatic brand at the PCA tradeshow in Las Vegas this July. Blended with a mix of Aganorsa grown tobaccos from Jalapa and Esteli and covered with a San Andres wrapper from Mexico, the vitola will be the largest cigar Aganorsa has ever produced and will be packed and sold in single slide top coffins.

“When I joined Aganorsa over five years ago I was surprised we produced so many large ring gauge cigars.” states Terence Reilly, who serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Then I looked at the sales and realized there was tremendous market demand for them. That trend hasn’t changed and this cigar is proof of it.”

Packaged in single coffins, the Lunatic 10 x 100 production is limited to only 2,500 cigars this summer and is planned as an annual release. MSRP will be listed at $39.99.

Cigar News: Aganorsa Leaf Lunatic 10×100 Announced

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Aganorsa Leaf Lunatic 10×100 Announced

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