Cigar News: Xikar Announces HP4 Quad Flame Pocket Lighter

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Kansas City, MO – June 19, 2017 XIKAR, Inc. is proud to announce the HP4 quad flame pocket style lighter. The HP4 exemplifies XIKAR’s High Performance Collection and its culmination of automotive inspired design, styling, finish and extensive engineering, for the ultimate supercar inspired lighter.

The HP4 quad flame lighter comes loaded with stylish and user-friendly features to make each lighting experience a joy ride. The large thumb-pad pull down ignition sparks four synergistic diamond jet flames. The angled jets create an apex of precision engineered flames to concentrate heat and efficiently light any cigar with confidence. An in-line fuel adjustment wheel alters flame height on demand, while oversized double EZ-View™ red fuel windows instantly detect remaining butane levels to ensure your new favorite lighter is always gassed up and ready to hit the road. Available in Black, G2, Blue, Chopper Orange and Daytona Red, the HP4 offers a finish to match the devoted colors of most any car enthusiast.

“The HP4 lighter evolves the XIKAR lighter family in a unique way, offering an all new look, feel and capabilities than previously seen.” said Kurt Van Keppel, CEO and Founder of XIKAR. “This quad flame lighter captures the super-car inspired essence of the High Performance Collection, offering a bold, luxurious appearance and powerful performance, reminiscent of an automotive machine.”

Cigar News: Xikar Announces HP4 Quad Flame Pocket Lighter

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Xikar Announces HP4 Quad Flame Pocket Lighter

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