Cigar News: German Engineered Cigars NN Series Announced

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With our cigars we combine traditional cigar manufacture with modernist, independent aesthetics. Today, we’re introducing NN, a very reduced cigar concept and a logical continuation on this path. As German Engineers, two things are essential for us in a cigar: manufacturing quality and sensory experience. Everything else can be distracting or even bias the moment. With our new brand, we focus exclusively on these essentials.

Our new, reduced cigar concept is made for the pure aficionado. No fancy pictures, no artsy boxes, no distracting story, not even a name – NN is short for „non nominandum“ – „not named“.

Together with renowned experts in the cigar industry, we created the first blend for NN. This blend – NN01 – will be limited to a total of 5,000 cigars, in boxes of 25. Once sold, we will create a new blend, making NN a series of excellent and surprising cigars.

Our first blend, NN01, is hand-rolled at Tabacalera William Ventura in the Dominican Republic to ensure highest quality. It Is available as a Churchill 7“ x 48 only, giving it the ideal balance of length and diameter for this blend.

NN01 is a medium-bodied smoke. We will not disclose the details of the blend, because this information might bias or distract as well.

Simply focus on the essentials. Light the cigar, be curious and trust your personal judgement.

Our series of NN cigars will be available in the U.S. only. NN01 has an MSRP of USD $8.90 per cigar. NN01 is planned to be available in January 2021.

Cigar dealers can order samples immediately by sending an e-mail to

With NN, we are expanding our offering with a second line of cigars. Originally we entered the U.S. market with RVGN Rauchvergnügen. A few months ago, we founded German Engineered Cigars. This new company serves as an umbrella for our boutique cigar lines and the KENTRON ashtray project and helps us prepare for expansion beyond Germany and the U.S. We will continue our brand RVGN Rauchvergnügen and plan to introduce additional lines of cigars in 2021.

Cigar News: German Engineered Cigars NN Series Announced
Aaron LoomisCigar News: German Engineered Cigars NN Series Announced

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