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Cigar News: S.T. Dupont Line 2 Gold Dust Announced

Like the shimmering memory of a seductive glance across a dark room, your eyes will be drawn to the sprinkling of gold dust embellished on the nine individual hand-painted layers of gorgeous natural black lacquer on the brass body and lid.

Cigar News: S.T. Dupont Defi XXtreme Artisan Collection Announced

S.T. Dupont is delighted to announce the launch of the new Defi XXtreme Artisan Collection. Designed and made in France by the ST Dupont Haute Creation team, the collection is offered in two distinct designs: Casino Poker and Skull with Roses.

Cigar News: S.T. Dupont Line 2 Golden Hour Announced

Precious, elegant, and timeless the Golden Hour revisits timeless S.T. Dupont design with the iconic 'Diamondhead' engraving accentuated by the three colors of gold to symbolize love, friendship and loyalty.