Cigars News: Quesada Revamps Fonseca Classic

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Quesada Cigars is redefining its original Fonseca Classic staying true to the brand’s Cuban essence while combining it with the innovation of the current generation. The revamped Fonseca Classic will be introduced at the 2018 IPCPR in Las Vegas and available this coming fall.

“Us taking Fonseca and revamping it, marks the perfect representation of the torch being passed on to us, and we are happy to take Fonseca away from the past and on to its next chapter in this journey called Quesada Cigars” said the Senior Brand Director and Manolo’s daughter, Raquel Quesada.

Since 1974 Fonseca Classic has been in production nonstop. “For the Quesada Cigars family this particular brand means a lot. It has been a part of us since the beginning, and we have kept the smoke quality and consistency over the years”. Expressed Manuel “Manolo” Quesada, President of Quesada Cigars.

“Thanks to the last crops harvested in the Dominican Republic, which were exceptional, and the fermentation process in our factory, the Fonseca Classic blend now features more presence of flavors in the palate, using the same tobaccos from its beginnings. This for sure will take the smokers to a new level of smoking experience” said Production Manager Miguel Nuñez. Creamy and woody notes during the whole smoke of Fonseca Classic makes this cigar an experience to be remembered while keeping its great consistency.

“It’s remarkable how we have kept the same smoke over the years with its Cuban essence. Now it’s time for the smokers to enjoy this emblematic now developed brand from Quesada Cigars” said Fruela Roces, CEO of Quesada Cigars.

The refashioned Fonseca Classic will be available in four vitolas; 5-50 (5 x 50), 10-10 (7 x 50), 8-9-8 (5 ½ x 43) packed in boxes of twenty-four cigars. And 2-2 (4 x 40) offered in boxes of ten and fifty cigars. All of them available in Connecticut wrapper. The Fonseca Classic prices will remain the same as now, in a range from $5.56 to $9.08 retail price.

Cigars News: Quesada Revamps Fonseca Classic

Aaron LoomisCigars News: Quesada Revamps Fonseca Classic

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