Cigar News: Four Alec Bradley Regional Exclusives Announced

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Fort Lauderdale, FL (5/29/2020) The Alec Bradley Cigar Company today announced the rolling release of four Regional Exclusives. The Paper Tiger, Fashionably Late, Highway Child and Corinthian Leather cigar lines were created by and will be exclusive to the territories of Jonathan Walsh, Christopher Carey, Steve Tucker and Ryan Ponist- respectively.

In January of 2019 Alec Bradley closed their offices for a week and took their entire US staff to Central America to experience the cigar making process- from seed to final product. Enamored by the experience, the four territory managers approached Alec Bradley principals to discuss making their own blends.

Alec Bradley Founder, Alan Rubin, approved- giving his son, second generation cigarmaker Alec Rubin and Alec Bradley VP Ralph Montero the lead on the project.

Under the guidance of Alec and Ralph, the territory managers put on their cigarmaking hats and blended medium bodied cigars representative of tastes particular to their regions. All cigars are 6” X 52 Ring Gauge Toros presented in trays of 4 five-count packs. SRP on all are set at $8.00 per cigar before any applicable taxes. Only 250 trays (5000 cigars) of each were created. Paper Tiger, Fashionably Late and Highway Child were produced at J. Fuego Cigars Nicar5gua. Corinthian Leather was produced at Raices Cubanas.

Initially, all four lines were scheduled to launch simultaneously. Unfortunately, the shutdowns and business interruptions caused by Covid-19 disrupted the plan. The cigars will be released into the respective territories as inventories become available.

Alec Bradley is known for their innovation, especially by incorporating their family and ‘extended family’ into different facets of the business. In 2013, Alec Bradley featured their sales team in the Road Warrior marketing campaign. In 2015, the Essential marketing campaign featured tobacco farmers, factory workers and US operations. The opportunity for non-principals of Alec Bradley to create a cigar, though, is a completely novel idea. Alec Bradley is planning for future Regional Releases.

About the Regional Exclusives:

Jonathan Walsh – Territory: Metro NYC, NJ, Eastern PA
Paper Tiger is a term for those that “talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk”. Conversely, the “do what you say and say what you do” attitude was instilled upon Jonathan at a young age by his father. Jonathan’s goal is for enthusiasts to relax with Paper Tiger and block out all the noise. Paper Tiger features a Brazilian wrapper, Mexican binder, with fillers from Pennsylvania and Nicaragua.

Christopher Carey- Territory: SC, GA, AL, MS, Eastern AR, KY, TN
Always the dapper gentlemen, Christopher Carey makes a splash every time he enters the room. According to Christopher, the goal for Fashionably Late was to make well balanced cigar to pair with morning coffee or a great evening whiskey. Fashionably Late features a Brazilian wrapper, Mexican binder and all Nicaraguan fillers.

Steve Tucker- Territory: WI, MN, MI, Northern IL, Northern IN
Steve Tucker loves the road life and his passion for cigars is what fuels him. Inspired by a song of a similar name, Highway Child is the perfect cigar for long drives according to Steve. Highway Child features a Brazilian wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and all Nicaraguan fillers.

Ryan Ponist – Territory: Western PA, WV, OH, Southern IN
Corinthian Leather is a specific homage to Ryan Ponist’s evolution in the cigar industry. According to Ryan, the name is also fitting since it is a term synonymous with his territory’s auto industry history. Corinthian Leather features a Honduran wrapper, double binder Honduran/Nicaraguan and fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua.

Cigar News: Four Alec Bradley Regional Exclusives Announced

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Four Alec Bradley Regional Exclusives Announced

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