Cigar News: Fosforo Connecticut Announced

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Louisville, KY, April 11, 2023 – Riverside Cigar Shop & Lounge and Match Cigar Bar announce the release of their new Fosforo Connecticut and Fosforo Limitada cigars, following in the footsteps of last summer’s debut of the original Fosforo cigar, Riverside and Match’s very own premium cigar brand.

Developed by Riverside/Match Founder Jeff Mouttet and Jose Palacios at the Garmendia factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, the Fosforo has been an enormous success. Mouttet has now expanded the brand. The new generation of Fosforos will be released this month.

Mouttet explains, “The Fosforo started as another store blends for Riverside. My original intent was to introduce my clientele to new and upcoming factories in Esteli, where I spend much of my time. With help from Colin Ganley, we found Garmendia Cigars, run by Jose Palacios, and created the first Fosforo blend. Soon afterward, I attended a retailer event at RoMa Craft Tobac and passed out our Fosforos, and surprise, over half the retailers came back to me asking to carry Fosforo!” He found U.S. distribution shortly after that, and the Fosforo is currently in 23 stores nationwide, selling out its first production run in less than two months.

Given the success of that blend, Mouttet decided to run the same factory back with the new Fosforo Connecticut. It’s currently completed and aging and scheduled to release in one size, 5.75 x 46. There will be a limited release of only 2,400 cigars to preview the entire line.

The retail price is $9.95, distributed by Pospiech Cigars based in Deltona, Florida.

Cigar News: Fosforo Connecticut Announced

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Fosforo Connecticut Announced

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