Team Cigar Review: SP1014 Black 6x54

Team Cigar Review: SP1014 Black 6×54

Words I used like balanced and nuanced are positive indicators of a good cigar. However, when these words are paired with light flavors, then it becomes not as good. If the flavors were fuller like the second third, the smoking experience would be entirely different. But as is, the thin flavors created an overall lackluster smoking experience with the SP1014 Black 6x54, in which I will pass on in the future.

Team Cigar Review: Muga SP1014 Love n’ Passion 740

Team Cigar Review: SP1014 Love n’ Passion 740

I enjoyed the SP1014 Love n’ Passion 740. I thought this was a really nice Dominican blend that showed strength, body and flavors that you typically don't get in all Dominican blends. I don't think it will be everyone's cup of tea, but those who get behind it will really enjoy it. It is a cigar for a serious cigar smoker in my opinion. A lancero crafted for seasoned smokers who truly appreciate Lanceros. I appreciate that.