Joya de Nicaragua Cinco de Cinco Robusto Gordo

Team Cigar Review: Joya de Nicaragua Cinco de Cinco Robusto Gordo

I enjoyed the Joya de Nicaragua Cinco de Cinco Robusto Gordo, and have enjoyed all the releases in the Obras Maestras portfolio. I would not say this is my favorite, but it is definitely a nice Mexican release and solid medium-full maduro offering. One of the better Mexican releases of late as well. I do appreciate that Joya has kept things different with each of these releases. I look forward to 60 years.

Trinidad Espiritu No. 3 Toro

Personal Cigar Review: Trinidad Espiritu No. 3 Toro

The Trinidad Espiritu No. 3 Toro started with melt your face off black pepper, but mellowed through the first third and was pretty average through the first two thirds. The final third took a step down as the toasted cedar became heavy and some wood bitterness joined in. Not a cigar I'd likely come back to as the flavor profile didn't show much balance or excitement.

Tatuaje 20th EL22

Team Cigar Review: Tatuaje 20th EL22

The Tatuaje 20th EL22 is a lovely cigar that I look forward to smoking again when it is warmer. Great summer cigar. Balanced with a nice selection of flavors, but not over the top. Medium in strength and body. Not overly complex, or showing a ton of transitioning, but a nice flavor profile throughout.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust The Halligan

Team Cigar Review: Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust The Halligan

With the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust The Halligan the company has released another good cigar that delivers medium-full flavors, but it restrains the strength right at the medium level. I enjoyed The Halligan review, but I'd like to try another one to see how it performed without the draw and burn issues, which are an outlier in my experience.

Emilio Audiophile 2023 Robusto

Team Cigar Review: Emilio Audiophile 2023 Robusto

The Emilio Audiophile 2023 Robusto was pleasant through the review, with the most interesting flavor combinations for me coming in the first third. The second third didn't have enough engaging flavor components to elevate it from average to good. The price point is pretty reasonable for the market, and the profile will probably appeal to a lot of people who already gravitate towards the offerings from Oveja Negra Brands.

Perdomo 30th Anniversary Maduro Robusto

Team Cigar Review: Perdomo 30th Anniversary Maduro Robusto

The Perdomo 30th Anniversary Maduro Robusto delivered a consistent flavor experience and built up from medium strength to reach full strength by the halfway point. I enjoyed the profile, and was a bit surprised by the strength as someone who is used to smoking fuller strength and full bodied cigars. Given the anniversary nature of the cigar, the price point is very affordable.

Foundation Metapa Claro Robusto

Team Cigar Review: Foundation Metapa Claro Robusto

The Foundation Metapa Claro Robusto is another Foundation release that's a hitter. At this point, new releases from Nick should become an auto buy. Barnyard funktastic, earthy, nutty, sweet. I'll also add, it doesn't matter where it's made. It's good, so just go buy at least a few.

Angel Cuesta Toro

Personal Cigar Review: Angel Cuesta Toro

The Angel Cuesta Toro started well, with a classic flavor profile. From the second third on, the profile was average, with the final third kind of teetering on being good. This is a slight step down from the Salomones vitola, possibly due to the burn issues. The flavor profile is unique and I like it when it's on, the price point just doesn't do it for me, especially with the burn issues I've experienced in the two vitolas I've smoked.

Maya Selva Flor de Selva Año del Dragón 2024

Team Cigar Review: Maya Selva Flor de Selva Año del Dragón 2024

The Maya Selva Flor de Selva Año del Dragón 2024 had a different and interesting flavor profile that kept me engaged through the first and second thirds without giving me palate fatigue. The last third was still enjoyable, but not quite at the same level of complexity. This is a cigar I will obviously smoke again, however this is something I would likely limit to special occasions.

Casa Magna XV Anniversary

Team Cigar Review: Casa Magna XV Anniversary

Hey, what do you know, an anniversary cigar that is actually worth smoking and buying! The Casa Magna XV Anniversary showed a nuanced approach with a unique interplay of spices, followed by good softness in cream and cedar. Buy and try for sure.