Black Works Studio Paper Crane Corona Gorda

Team Cigar Review: Black Works Studio Paper Crane Corona Gorda

The Black Works Studio Paper Crane Corona Gorda represents yet another consistent, engaging and tasty cigar release from Black Works Studio. Each third delivered flavor combinations at varying levels of intensity that kept my attention and has me wanting to seek out more. With the Paper Crane sporting an Ecuadorian Connecticut, it reinforces that James Brown at Black Works Studio can deliver cigar blends across the entire strength spectrum.

Gellis Marevas

Team Cigar Review: Gellis Marevas

The Gellis Marevas is a departure from where the Warped brand of cigars was being manufactured and also the flavor profile that it typically delivered. I did find the first third brought some interesting and engaging components, but by the second third there was a dominant earth note that was driving the profile and the cigar didn't seem to recover from it. I didn't find the profile of the Gellis Marevas particularly engaging or standout that I'd want to return to it, however I am interested in reviewing future Gellis offerings to see how the brand evolves.

Somm BDX Blanc Robusto

Team Cigar Review: Somm BDX Blanc Robusto

The Somm BDX Blanc Robusto had a nice start with a fair bit of transitions from components joining the profile. It took a step down in the second third as the earth evened up with the cedar and some wood bitterness joined in. I'm always interested in low strength offerings that attempt to deliver a flavor focused profile. This was able to accomplish that through the first third, but couldn't maintain a good balance after that. Not really a cigar I'd see myself coming back to.

Blackbird Superb Toro

Team Cigar Review: Blackbird Superb Toro

The Blackbird Superb Toro started out with a promising first third that delivered some dynamic and engaging flavor combinations. The second third was much lighter and lacked the same level of engagement for me. The last third was pleasant but not able to live up to the first third. I found the Blackbird Superb Toro enjoyable to smoke and the price point is very reasonable considering the average pricing of the market. With that said, I'm not sure the cigar did enough for me to want to seek it out again.

Drew Estate Blackened S84 Shade to Black Robusto

Team Cigar Review: Drew Estate Blackened S84 Shade to Black Robusto

I love the Drew Estate Blackened S84 Shade to Black Robusto. This is a great Connecticut release, and one with a fantastic price too. Great flavors with a nice strength and body level. You really can’t ask for more from a Connecticut of this nature. It’s not intended to be super elegant like some Connecticut releases, but just really good at a great price.

Macanudo Emissary España Robusto

Team Cigar Review: Macanudo Emissary España Robusto

The Macanudo Emissary España Robusto was one of the great surprises at the 2024 PCA in Las Vegas. Having smoked a show sample, I was eagerly awaiting my opportunity to review the released cigar. I am not disappointed, with restrained and balanced flavors throughout, this is a solid release in the Macanudo portfolio. I would happily smoke another Macanudo Emissary España Robusto again.

Patina Oro de Nicaragua Toro

Team Cigar Review: Patina Oro de Nicaragua Toro

The Patina Oro de Nicaragua Toro is fantastic, right up there with the Anniversary, and completely different at the same time. This is the way to do it. Great flavor profile on this cigar with the body delivered. The profile really spoke to me as a smoker right now. Fuller in body and strength with complexity and depth throughout. Great stick that I hope many enjoy as much as I did.

Crowned Heads Míl Dias Maduro Sublime

Team Cigar Review: Crowned Heads Míl Dias Maduro Sublime

This Crowned Heads Míl Dias Maduro Sublime was a fun Broadleaf offering. Nice rustic Broadleaf flavors. Not too much to scare some less seasoned smokers away, but still present enough to capture a heavier smoker. Size went well with the maduro blend. Nice offering and will be interested if we get another maduro/Broadleaf release in the future.

Diesel Vintage Series Natural Robusto Gordo

Team Cigar Review: Diesel Vintage Series Natural Robusto Gordo

The Diesel Vintage Series Natural Robusto Gordo had a nice, bold start, but from the second third on, it took a step down as the earth built up and the pepper faded back a bit. Nothing all that exciting about the cigar to make we want to come back to it, but if you're looking for a well priced offering that provides some pop, this would be something to check out.

Rojas 10th Anniversary

Team Cigar Review: Rojas 10th Anniversary

The Rojas 10th Anniversary delivered some engaging flavors in the first third and was pleasant for the remainder of the review with the standout flavor component being a tea note that was present through most of the review. I found the overall review experience to be pleasant, but for me, I don't think the cigar did enough to make me want to seek it out again.