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Saga Solaz Corona

Personal Cigar Review: Saga Solaz Corona

The Saga Solaz Corona started well, with a nice combination of flavors, but as the black pepper gained a tinny note in the second third, the flavor profile dropped down a level and maintained that the rest of the way. I wouldn't see myself coming back to this all that often, but it's a pretty effortless smoke with a serviceable flavor profile and I could see people gravitating towards it.

Team Cigar Review: Saga Solaz Robusto

Team Cigar Review: Saga Solaz Robusto

The Saga Solaz Robusto was an interesting cigar that served up a more classic Connecticut flavor profile with more subtle and complex notes in the first third. The second and last third became more traditional with grass and bitterness that I find most often with Connecticut blends of years ago.