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Cigar News: Palio Pistola Announced

The Palio® Pistola features a high powered 30 degree angled double-jet flame and a large capacity fuel tank which functions as the grip and is specially molded to ensure comfort. The design of the Palio® Pistola has dedicated space allowing for increased personalization though QI’s own SWAG Bunker print facility. The large flame adjuster wheel allows you to effortlessly find the perfect flame height.

Cigar News: Quality Importers Releases Palio Squadra

The Palio Squadra is the latest addition to the expanding portfolio of value priced accessories. Featuring a high-powered, 30° angled, triple-jet torch the Palio Squadra is designed to quickly light larger ring gauge cigars with precision due to the angled jet.

Cigar Accessory Review: Palio Cutter

Cigar Accessory Review: Palio Cutter

Other than when I’m evaluating another cutter, the Palio has been my regular use cutter for about 4 years. I like how light and thin it is and the fact that it has remained very sharp throughout all of the cuts in its life is a testament to the blades.