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Foundation Metapa Claro Robusto

Team Cigar Review: Foundation Metapa Claro Robusto

The Foundation Metapa Claro Robusto is another Foundation release that's a hitter. At this point, new releases from Nick should become an auto buy. Barnyard funktastic, earthy, nutty, sweet. I'll also add, it doesn't matter where it's made. It's good, so just go buy at least a few.

Foundation Metapa Maduro Robusto

Team Cigar Review: Foundation Metapa Maduro Robusto

Typically, Nick does a great job of creating his own unique blends that are different than a lot of the homogenous blends out there, especially out of AJF. But this cigar isn't the case. It tastes more like a spicier, stronger version of most AJF cigars. The monotony of strength and heavy handed earthiness isn't palate enticing. As a result, the Foundation Metapa Maduro Robusto is a pass for me.