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Artista Midnight Robusto

Team Cigar Review: Artista Midnight Robusto

The Artista Midnight Robusto had a first third that stood out. As the cigar progressed, I found the profile to be pleasant but not as engaging or interesting as the first third. Price point aside, I'm not sure there was enough here for me to want to return to it. Artista has a number of offerings I would pick over the Midnight. I am curious whether it would perform differently in a Toro size.

Team Cigar Review: Artista Harvest Robusto

Team Cigar Review: Artista Harvest Robusto

It's been a while since I had a consistently good Artista. This Artista Harvest Robusto hits in all the great ways. Sweet, spicy, stone fruit, all working in great harmony. If you're like me and pass on most Artista cigars, don't turn your head on this one and try a few.

Cigar News: Artista Harvest and Midnight Begin Shipping

Artista Cigars, formerly El Artista Cigars, begins shipping Artista Series Cigars to U.S. Retailers today, June 15, 2023. The Artista Series is Artista Cigars flagship brand and represents years of dedication to make blends that represent the company’s new direction.

Cigar News: Artista Studio Works Paperboy Announced

ASW Paperboy is a newspaper-wrapped bundle of 8 Petite Coronas. The newspaper bundle wrap features wild stories of factory folklore and totally “fake news” stories completely in Spanish.

Cigar News: Artista Harvest and Artista Midnight Announced

Two new lines titled ARTISTA Harvest and ARTISTA Midnight will debut in 2022 with many more to come. The ARTISTA Series represents the factory’s premium and future super-premium blends. Each blend is represented by a moniker and matching color, each are distinct in strength and profile.

Cigar News: El Artista Cigars Rebrands to Artista Cigars

Artista Cigars has a new style, and a new approach to managing the portfolio by segmenting the existing SKUs into a collection of Series. In 2022 there are five series: ARTISTA (Harvest & Midnight), Rugged Country (Buffalo TEN, Cimarron, FUGLY Cheroots), Factory Classics (Pulita, Puro Ambar, Exactus), David Ortiz (Big Papi, The Slugger), and Artista Studio Works.