Team Cigar Review: Tabak Especial Negra Lonsdale

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Cigar Details: Tabak Especial Negra Lonsdale

  • Vitola: Lonsdale
  • Length: 6.75″
  • Ring Gauge: 44
  • Country of Origin: Nicaragua
  • Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Nicaragua
  • Factory: La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate
  • Blender: Undisclosed
  • Price: $8.51
  • Release Date: July 2020
  • Source: Drew Estate


 Aaron Loomis

Pre-light Experience

The Tabak Especial Negra Lonsdale has the traditional gold, brown and black primary and foot bands with the foot band denoting the Negra variation. In between the bands is a single piece of parchment type paper that covers the wrapper. The foot band slid off by itself, but the parchment paper was attached to the primary band and all needed to be slid off. Once done, a marbled dark brown wrapper is present with veins and seams that are slightly raised. The head is finished with a double cap and the foot shows some exposed binder and filler. The aroma from the wrapper is a mix of very sweet, creamy coffee and light cotton candy while the foot brings the reverse mix. The pre-light draw is a light, creamy coffee along with some sweetness on my lips from the wrapper.

First Third

The cigar begins with really just a wood note to go along with the light sweetness on my lips from the wrapper. As the burn reached the wrapper, a light mix of creaminess and mustiness has joined in. At an inch in, a faint creamy coffee note is present. The retrohale is musty wood. As the third comes to a close, the profile is wood up front with light, creamy coffee and mustiness in the background. The strength in this third was mild-medium.

Second Third

The second third is a continuation of the wood with light creamy coffee and mustiness. There is still a subtle amount of sweetness on my lips from the wrapper. At three quarters of an inch in, the creamy coffee note departs as a light baking spice joins in. The retrohale is musty wood with light baking spice. The strength in this third remained at mild-medium.

Final Third

As the final third begins, the profile is musty wood with faint baking spice and bitterness. At a half inch in, some char joins the profile. The retrohale is now charred and musty wood. At an inch and half in, the char and bitterness has increased a fair amount. The strength in this third bumped up to slightly below medium.


The burn was a bit wavy throughout and the cigar went out twice, requiring re-lights. The ash held on in three quarter inch increments.


The draw was perfect, with just the right amount of resistance that I prefer.


The cigar began with wood and light sweetness from the wrapper. A mix of light creaminess and mustiness joined as the burn reached the wrapper and creamy coffee was present a bit later. The second third saw the creamy coffee depart and a light baking spice join in. The final third saw char and bitterness join and build up. Construction was OK due to some burn issues and strength was mild-medium most of the way. The Tabak Especial Negra Lonsdale was really quite basic and I didn’t get much more than a light creamy coffee in the first half to really make me think this was part of the Tabak line. I’m not sure if the infusion was light on this sample or just very light on this vitola, but it just didn’t hit me the way past Tabak’s have.

Aaron Loomis





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Team Cigar Review: Tabak Especial Negra Lonsdale

Aaron LoomisTeam Cigar Review: Tabak Especial Negra Lonsdale

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