Personal Cigar Review: United Cigar Series Unidas Cigar Bar Corojo

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Cigar Details: United Cigar Series Unidas Cigar Bar Corojo

  • Vitola: Toro
  • Length: 6″
  • Ring Gauge: 50
  • Country of Origin: Honduras
  • Wrapper: Honduran Corojo
  • Binder: Honduran Corojo
  • Filler: Honduran Corojo
  • Factory: Las Lomas
  • Blender: Undisclosed
  • Price: $10.00
  • Release Date: October 2021
  • Source: United Cigar


 Aaron Loomis

Pre-light Experience

The United Cigar Series Unidas Cigar Bar Corojo has a rectangle press with round edges and a wrapper that is light brown with a few lightly raised veins. The seams and caps are both slightly raised and there is some wrinkling around the head from the pressing. The cigar seems a bit light for its size. There are two bands, with the primary being the traditional Aladino design and the secondary being red, white and blue and denoting Series Unidas. The aroma from the wrapper is a very light mix of wood and dry earth while the foot brings a very musty wood note. The pre-light draw brings light musty, aged cedar.

First Third

The cigar begins with musty, stale cedar that has a light bitterness. The retrohale brings more of the musty, stale cedar. At an inch in, the bitterness dissipates. As the third wraps up, the profile is a slightly fuller version of the musty, stale cedar. The strength was at mild-medium.

Second Third

The second third continues on with the musty, stale cedar. The retrohale shows a similar profile, just with less staleness. At an inch in, some bitterness returns. After the re-light at an inch and a quarter, the cedar loses most of the staleness, becomes fuller and has a slight young note to it. The strength in this third bumped up to slightly below medium.

Final Third

As the final third begins, the cedar loses the youngness and staleness and gains a toasted note while the mustiness is still paired with it and a faint bitterness is still hanging on. The retrohale is musty, toasted cedar. At an inch in, the toast level becomes a bit heavy. The cigar wraps up with musty, heavily toasted cedar with a faint bitterness. Strength in this third bumped up to medium.


The burn was a bit wavy at times and the cigar went out once, requiring a re-light. The ash held on in inch and three quarter increments.


The draw was slightly tighter than I prefer, but didn’t cause any issues with the smoking experience.


The cigar began with musty, stale cedar with a light bitterness. The bitterness dropped out about halfway through the first third and reemerged halfway into the second third. After a re-light in the second half of the second third, the profile lost most of the staleness. The final third saw the staleness depart as a toast joined in and built up. The United Cigar Series Unidas Cigar Bar Corojo was quite disappointing as the flavor profile was a bit off-putting with the staleness and bitterness. Things got slightly better after the re-light, but nothing that could reverse course for the cigar overall. The cigar burned pretty quickly as well. I just don’t think this is the desired outcome of what the cigar was supposed to be. I can’t see myself coming back to this one.

Aaron Loomis





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Personal Cigar Review: United Cigar Series Unidas Cigar Bar Corojo

Aaron LoomisPersonal Cigar Review: United Cigar Series Unidas Cigar Bar Corojo

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