Personal Cigar Review: Hammer & Sickle The Caleanoch 50

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Cigar Details: Hammer & Sickle The Caleanoch 50

  • Vitola: Toro
  • Length: 6″
  • Ring Gauge: 50
  • Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
  • Binder: Corojo
  • Filler: 50% Peat-Fired Corojo and 50% Air-Cured Corojo
  • Factory: Undisclosed
  • Blender: Undisclosed
  • Price: $12.50
  • Release Date: April 2016
  • Source: Hammer & Sickle


 Aaron Loomis

Pre-light Experience

The wrapper is light brown and has a few slightly raised veins present. The seams are very smooth and fairly hard to detect. The head appears to be finished off with a double cap. The cigars come without a band, so it’s all wrapper for the presentation. The aroma from the wrapper is a fair amount of the peat/pipe tobacco aroma. Interestingly, the foot aroma is also of peat, but a bit lighter than what is present on the wrapper. The pre-light draw brings a very full peat flavor, similar to what you would get with Lagavulin 16.

First Third

The cigar begins with a smoky wood note and a slight bit of black pepper. At an inch in, there’s not much change to the profile. The retrohale is fairly full with the peat and pepper notes. The third finishes with this same profile and the retrohale also continues with no changes. The strength in this third was slightly below medium.

Second Third

As the second third begins, the smoky/peat wood note continues along with a mild black pepper. At a quarter inch in, a slight creaminess joins the profile. At an inch in, the cream remains as a supporting note for the smoky wood. The retrohale has calmed down a bit with the smoky wood but still has a slight pepper bite to it. At an inch and a half, the wood smoke note increases a bit and pushes out the cream note. The strength in this third bumped up to right at medium.

Final Third

As the final third begins, the smoky wood note continues as a bit of cream rejoins the profile. Even with the cream, the profile is slightly drying. At a half inch in, some bitterness joins in with the wood which is becoming a little less smoky now or my palate has adjusted to not sense as much. The remainder of the cigar finishes much the same way with a slight drop in smokiness along with a bit of cream. The strength bumped up in this third to slightly above medium.


I couldn’t ask for more from the burn as it was razor sharp the entire way. The ash held on in near two inch increments.


The draw was slightly tighter than I prefer but didn’t cause any issues with the smoking experience.


Having smoked the 25% version and now this, the 50 does provide more peaty/smoky notes. After the first third though, the profile becomes a bit monotonous as there are really no transitions or nuances. I wouldn’t say that this is as overpowering as the Kentucky Fire Cured, so if you are a peat fan, this cigar might be something you enjoy but don’t want the KFC’s in your face style. I’m not sure I would return to this cigar unless it was something that was in a much smaller vitola just for a short taste of the smokiness. If there was a way to request a The Caleanoch 37, that might be the sweet spot for the right percentage of the peat fired tobacco.

Very GoodDraw

Aaron Loomis





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Personal Cigar Review: Hammer & Sickle The Caleanoch 50

Aaron LoomisPersonal Cigar Review: Hammer & Sickle The Caleanoch 50

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