Personal Cigar Review: Debonaire Maduro Sagita

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Cigar Details: Debonaire Maduro Sagita

  • Vitola: Panatela
  • Length: 5.5″
  • Ring Gauge: 38
  • Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
  • Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Binder: Dominican Republic
  • Filler: Dominican Republic
  • Factory: De Los Reyes
  • Blender: Phil Zanghi
  • Price: $8.74
  • Release Date: July 2014
  • Source: Debonaire


 Aaron Loomis

Pre-light Experience

The wrapper is dark brown and has some slightly darker marbling. There are a few slightly raised veins present and the seams are slightly visible due to the thickness of the wrapper. The head is finished off with a single cap finished with a pigtail. The band is the traditional company band. The aroma from the wrapper is a mix of damp wood and hay while the foot gives just a general wood note. The pre-light draw gives a faint stone fruit sweetness.

First Third

The cigar begins with a smoky dark wood and a little bit of black pepper. At a half inch in, some cream joins to round out the profile. The retrohale is very black pepper forward and drowns out any other identifiable notes. At an inch in, the profile takes on a meatiness to go along with the dark wood, cream and mild black pepper. At an inch and a quarter, the retrohale smooths out as the wood and cream are at even levels with the pepper. As the third comes to a close, the dark wood and meatiness are up front while the cream and black pepper are in the background. The strength in this third was right at medium.

Second Third

As the second third begins, more dark wood and meatiness with the cream and pepper in the background. At an inch in, the meatiness decreases a bit while the wood remains up front. The pepper is now very faint. The retrohale does show quite a bit of meatiness still as it is slightly ahead of the dark wood. The strength in this third remained at medium.

Final Third

The final third started with a continuation of the previous third. At a half inch in, the meatiness leaves as the dark wood is the primary note and a bit of cream in the background. This is how the cigar finishes out. The strength in this third remained at medium.


The first half of the cigar always felt like it was on the verge of going out and I had to keep a frequent pace of draws. In the second third, it did go out and I had to do three re-lights. The ash held on in about one inch increments.


The draw was slightly tighter than I prefer but didn’t cause any issues with the smoking experience.


The flavor profile was pretty good with the dark wood and meatiness along with cream and black pepper. The final third lost this complexity. Burn issues were something that drug down my overall enjoyment of the cigar and I hope is not a regular occurrence for this cigar. If you like dark wood and meaty flavors, the Debonaire Maduro Sagita is a cigar well worth checking out. I’m interested in trying some other vitolas to see if they have this same flavor profile. If so, I could see it being an enjoyable line.

Aaron Loomis





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Personal Cigar Review: Debonaire Maduro Sagita

Aaron LoomisPersonal Cigar Review: Debonaire Maduro Sagita

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