Cigar Accessory Review: Xikar FlintFire II

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Cigar Accessory Review: Xikar FlintFire II

Cigar Accessory Review: Xikar FlintFire II


The Xikar FlintFire II, as per Xikar states the following: New school meets old with Xikar’s new line of flint ignition butane fuel lighters. Enjoy the best of both worlds with dependable flint ignitions and clean burning fuel suitable for any elegant occasion! The Xikar FlintFire II features a windowpane or basket weave design, with an easy adjustment flint strike wheel, and the suggested retail price is $99.99 USD.

I received this lighter from Xikar in July 2015. After about one year and 2 months of weekly use, it is now time for a proper long term review.


+ Easy ignition flint strike wheel measuring 1.5 inches in length. The wheel is slotted and feels very smooth and mechanical
+ No misfires
+ Protective cover flap, shielding fuel valve and flame adjuster from debris
+ Sturdy, easy to open and close cap hinge
+ Easy to open and close flint repository mechanism
+ No blowouts (flame distinguishing after lighting)
+ No heat issues on a per cigar light basis

Cigar Accessory Review: Xikar FlintFire II

Cigar Accessory Review: Xikar FlintFire II


– No fuel gauge window
– Flame adjuster. This is more of a minor gripe as most companies suggest using a small flat head to adjust the flame. But wish Xikar implemented the pull out flap on the FlintFire II


This is a test to gauge how long the flame ignites on a full fuel tank. I purged the lighter, filled the tank with Xikar butane and adjusted the flame height to the maximum level, waiting 10 minutes so the butane can adjust its temperature and struck the flint wheel. Total flame clocked in at an amazing 20 minutes and 44 seconds. When the flame went out, the lighter felt hot, but not unbearably hot. I was able to hold the entire lighter in my hands without much discomfort. Going through some comparisons, knowing that I average about 30 seconds to toast and light a robusto (50 ring gauge), I will have 47 to 50 cigar lights on a full fuel tank. Nice!

Cigar Accessory Review: Xikar FlintFire II

Cigar Accessory Review: Xikar FlintFire II


I highly recommend the FlintFire II. The shiny metal look paired with the basket weave design simply is stylish and upscale. I dropped the lighter on accident a couple times and the dents did not rust. It still had the same texture and consistency as the rest of the lighter. The lighter will scratch if rubbed with keys in your pocket (like most lighters will). Given that I have fatter hands, the dimensions were just right, allowing me to use one hand to strike the flint wheel with ease. If you’re looking for a classy and upscale lighter to light your cigars or pipe, this is not to be missed. Great job by the team at Xikar.

Cigar Accessory Review: Xikar FlintFire II
Jiunn LiuCigar Accessory Review: Xikar FlintFire II

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