Personal Beer Review: Beau’s All Natural The Tom Green Beer

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Beer Details: Beau’s All Natural The Tom Green Beer

  • Location: Vankleek Hill, Ontario
  • Style: Milk Stout
  • ABV: 5.0%
  • IBU: 27
  • Price: $4.59
  • Availability: Regular Production
  • Source: Developing Palates


 John McTavish


The Beau’s All Natural The Tom Green Beer has a cartoon picture of Tom Green on one side with “The Tom Green Beer!” on the other side, along with the ingredient listing. The bottle is a brown 600mL tall bottle, with Beau’s on the bottle cap. The beer pours like an amber ale with that dark red color and a minor tan head.


Nosing the beer, I am immediately greeted with toasted barley. As I search for more aromas I also get a faint vanilla.


My first few sips make me think I’m tasting toasted multigrain beer. As my palate begins to adjust, I’m almost picking up some vanilla creaminess. Those are the only flavors I’m able to pick out during the entire 600mL session.


I marked the balance as very good, but I feel as if it’s a bit of an easy mark here as there aren’t a myriad of flavors to balance out.


As the creamy vanilla gives way, each sip finishes with a toasted grain character. That toasted flavor lasts a medium length of time.

BalanceVery Good


As so often is true with collaboration or unusual adjunct beers, this offering is really lacking in the flavors I’m searching for in a milk stout. I wasn’t getting any coffee or chocolate, and the lactose character was very subdued. Overall, the Beau’s All Natural The Tom Green Beer just comes across as a gimmick beer that inevitably doesn’t deliver on the flavors from its style.

John McTavish





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A representative from Beau’s All Natural Brewery has graciously reached out regarding the performance of The Tom Green Beer. We’ve agreed to revisit the review when the new batch comes out in early 2019 due to the fact that I missed that the batch and production information is located on the back of the bottle. The freshness indicator clearly advises that this beer would be outside of the freshness scale indicated.

The updated review can be found here.

Personal Beer Review: Beau’s All Natural The Tom Green Beer

Aaron LoomisPersonal Beer Review: Beau’s All Natural The Tom Green Beer

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