Personal Beer Review: Beau’s All Natural The Tom Green Beer

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Beer Details: Beau’s All Natural The Tom Green Beer

  • Location: Vankleek Hill, Ontario
  • Style: Milk Stout
  • ABV: 5.0%
  • IBU: 27


 John McTavish


The Beau’s All Natural The Tom Green Beer comes in a tall bottle with a cartoon picture of a person who resembles Canadian actor, and one time hip hop artist, Tom Green (but says in an asterisk not Tom Green). On the side of the bottle is the ingredients listing, which is always a classy touch. The neck also has twine holding a card that talks about the beer and the idea behind it. The cap is white with a black tractor. The beer itself pours with the consistency of a porter.


The aroma on the redux review doesn’t bring me much more than the original review. I do get some malty sweetness this time around, chocolate nibs and hints of toasted barley. All the aromas are quite faint, but certainly inviting.


The flavor is an improvement on the original review. A pleasant effervescent sweetness up front, that gives way to chocolate on the mid palate. As the beer warms, there is also a sweet toasted grain that joins the mid palate and carries into the finish.


As with the original review, the beer is well balanced. The sweetness, toasted grains, chocolate and the effervescent mouthfeel all harmonize very well.


There is a significant amount of chocolate that comes through on the finish, that intensifies as the beer warms up. I would say that the chocolate is more pronounced on the finish than it is on the main palate. As the beer continues, there is a sweet toasted grain that becomes a more defined barley, and eventually moves up to medium strength.


The Beau’s All Natural The Tom Green Beer is one to be enjoyed fresh. My original purchase was unfortunately beyond the best enjoy by date, and Beau’s was kind enough to replace it for me. This time around the flavors are enjoyable and there is much more going on with both the flavor and the finish. The beer is still very well balanced. If you’re looking for a milk stout that isn’t bold and in your face, but still delivers subtle nuances of flavor and a great mouthfeel, this might be the beer for you.

BalanceVery Good

John McTavish





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This is a follow up to a previous review. The original review can be found here.

Personal Beer Review: Beau’s All Natural The Tom Green Beer

John McTavishPersonal Beer Review: Beau’s All Natural The Tom Green Beer

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