Pour ‘n Tell: Episode 14

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In Episode 14, Surgeon talks about some Pacto Navio he tried in Cuba, made by Havana Club, and finished in Sauternes casks. He also poured a Or Xata from 2018 from The Bruery.

In Libation news this week Jiunn and Surgeon talk about:

Beer pipeline proposed for Alberta
Plain packaging for spirits and the market impact
The US applies a 25% tariff to Scotch whisky
Glenlivet launches ‘gushers’ for whisky cocktails

John ‘Cigar Surgeon’ McTavish and Jiunn ‘Yellow Snapper’ Liu came up with the idea of a short show focusing on beers and spirits that they could post a few times a month.

Pour ‘n Tell became a natural extension of our weekly libation reviews on Developing Palates. We wanted a show that we could talk what we were drinking that week, and have a platform entirely focused for discussion. The show doesn’t include cigar talk as we felt the industry has enough great shows and content covering the industry already.

Each week we’ll sit down and talk about our recent beer and spirit reviews, what we’re drinking, as well as news topics we think are interesting. From time to time we’ll have special guests on the show which will no doubt have us running over our standard 30 minute show time.

Pour ‘n Tell: Episode 14

Jiunn LiuPour ‘n Tell: Episode 14

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