Cigar News: Xikar Announces Three New Butane Lighters and an Electronic Lighter

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Kansas City, MO July 9, 2018 – XIKAR, the leading cigar accessory brand to the premium cigar trade, is proud to introduce its newest product innovations at the 86th Annual IPCPR Trade Show. XIKAR drives innovation through high quality products with a focus on form, feel and function, all at a fair price.

XIKAR is expanding its lighter collection with 4 new lighter models and is creating two new lighter categories within its portfolio, Flat Flame and Electronic Lighters. Following the success of the High Performance Collection in 2017, we are adding two new lighters to the collection, the HP3 Triple Flame Lighter and the Turismo Double Flame Lighter.

The HP3 triple flame lighter features sharp lines and aggressive curves providing enhanced ergonomics and grip. Beneath the high-tech exterior sits an in-line triple flame ignition system designed for lighting precision. The outer jets are angled 8 degrees toward the center burner to create an apex of unified flames. The HP3 will be available in 4 finishes: Burnt Yellow, Daytona Red, Matte Black and G2.

The Turismo double flame lighter has a sleek all-metal body wrapped with two rugged side panels providing additional grip. This pocket friendly lighter is rugged, yet refined, and perfect for any occasion. The Turismo is available in 4 all matte finishes: Matte Black, Matte Red, Matte Blue and Matte Gray.

The Verano Flat Flame provides the power of a double flame with the breadth of a triple for maximum fuel efficiency. The unique shape of the flat flame provides ample power, yet minimizes fuel usage thanks to the internal flame diffuser that disperses a wide, razor-thin flame to precisely light or touch up any sized cigar. This unique lighter is available in 4 high end finishes: Black, Silver, G2 and Vintage Bronze.

The XFlame™ Electronic Lighter is a fully electronic, lithium-ion battery powered device that heats up rapidly and is rechargeable. The burner is designed to evenly light up to a 62-ring gauge cigar with optimal temperature so you won’t overheat your cigars. The XFlame™ is TSA Safe and great for travel, as it can be carried in you carry-on luggage. Simply store the battery and burner coil separately in your carry-on luggage. The XFlame™ Electronic lighter will retail for MSRP $69.95.

Product Benefits:
Optimal temperature won’t overheat your cigars, replaceable burner coil, easy to clean, quick and easy to use. Lights the entire end of a cigar in seconds, does not require butane or lighter fluid.

Product Features:
Measures: 4.125″H x0.98″W (1.10″W Coil) Ideal for travel, USB rechargeable battery, 100% Battery Powered, 100% Wind proof, evenly lights up to 62RG cigars, Great for High-Altitude Use.

Cigar News: Xikar Announces Three New Butane Lighters and an Electronic Lighter

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Xikar Announces Three New Butane Lighters and an Electronic Lighter

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