Cigar News: Tatiana 25th Anniversary Announced

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(Miami, FL) June 30, 2023 – Miami Cigar & Co. to release the Tatiana 25th Anniversary cigar brand at the 2023 PCA. Limited to only 2500 boxes, the Tatiana 25th Anniversary is a unique blend that separates itself from past Tatiana brands. Miami Cigar & Co. will also celebrate the Tatiana Cigars 25th Anniversary with a by invitation only event at Gastby’s (located inside Resorts World).

The Tatiana brand holds special meaning to Nestor as he named it after his daughter, Tatiana. The brand sky-rocketed to success after it was launched and it is still a leading cigar in the marketplace.

Director of Miami Cigar & Co. Nestor Miranda stated: “I remember sitting down with my family and designing the original Tatiana packaging, it is amazing that 25 years have passed. Thank you to all our loyal Tatiana smokers, this would not have been possible without your continued support!”

The Tatiana 25th Anniversary serves as a “thank you” to the loyal Tatiana supporters for over two decades. This version of the Tatiana was created using a new technique which will add a new layer to the already popular brand.

Only 2,500 were created of this commemorative cigar. The 10 count boxes are black with gold accent, a look for such a milestone.

The Tatiana 25th Anniversary is available in one vitola: Toro 6X 54 and an MSPR of $12

Cigar News: Tatiana 25th Anniversary Announced

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Tatiana 25th Anniversary Announced

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