Cigar News: Southern Draw Firethorn Augusta Announced

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Austin, Texas – Southern Draw Cigars, the growing hand-made premium cigar brand, debuts a brand campaign featuring a new logo and product offering known as the Firethorn – Augusta. As a U.S. Veteran family-owned and operated business, the new Firethorn logo represents the decades long service history of Southern Draw’s U.S. Veterans and the company has again partnered with Arizona-based JMG Graphic Works on the brand evolution.

“Working with Jonathan at JMG was an inspiring process as we looked to update our branding while preserving the heritage that is behind the original backstory of the Firethorn mark. We shared our combined military service history in Georgia that spanned fifty years (1942 – 1992) and their team intuitively understood just who Southern Draw is and what Augusta, Georgia means to us,” a brief history of the process offered by Robert Holt.

The launch of the Firethorn – Augusta is the eighth (8th) cigar in the 2020 Fall Release Collection with a single package option of 1,000 – 10 count mazos (bundles) of Belicoso Finos – 5.5×54 which have been expertly box pressed, original production date May 2014. The blend is a unique variation of the original Firethorn, embracing changes in both ratios and aging of the same select tobaccos: Wrapper: Habano Rosado – Ecuador, Binder: San Andres Maduro – Mexico, Filler: Proprietary – Nicaragua. (annual production of 50,000 – 75,000 cigars, Q2 2021 and will be available in 20 count boxes)

“We were extremely excited to bring to light what the Southern Draw brand stands for through the Firethorn redesign and the forthcoming redesign of all related product branding,” said Jonathan Gollins, founder of JMG Graphic Works. “Here at JMG, we look to capture the story creatively. We looked to tie in elements of the Southern Draw family’s military service at Ft. Gordon, formerly known as Camp Gordon and home to the U.S. Army Cyber Command and U.S. Army Signal Corps, the inspiration of the Firethorn at the most prestigious tournament in all of golf and the soul and deep musical influences of long-time Augusta resident, James Brown who began his illustrious music career by entertaining military troops at Camp Gordon including members of Robert Holts family that were serving in Augusta in those days. Each element emphasizes the products’ relationship with the people and places and invoke a visual story for the brand. Augusta, Georgia and the supportive military community has a deep meaning to the Southern Draw family.”

For the inaugural release of the Firethorn – Augusta, Southern Draw is once again working with their valued retail partner, Cigars International. The first 1,000 – 10 count mazos will be available exclusively through Cigars International’s website, phone order system, and all seven of its retail locations have prepared displays to highlight this new release (in PA, TX, and FL) beginning on November 11th for $99.99.

“Southern Draw continues to be a great strategic partner to us here at Cigars International, and we’re proud to offer this important commemorative release on Veteran’s Day 2020 to the many members of CI Nation,” said Jeffrey Kocher, VP of Sales.

Southern Draw, due to factors of the global pandemic and cancelation of all related trade shows and sales events that would normally allow the Southern Draw family to come together with the media, retailers and distributors, chose to delay the scheduled May 2020 release of the Firethorn – Augusta.

Cigar News: Southern Draw Firethorn Augusta Announced

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Southern Draw Firethorn Augusta Announced

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