Cigar News: Smoke Inn 2021 Cigar Advent Calendar Now Available

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Boynton Beach, FL (Friday, December 10, 2021) —— Smoke Inn is set to become the first retailer to introduce a cigar advent calendar, preparing a limited number of custom-made advent calendar displays. A project that began in late 2020, these calendars were slated to begin shipping this past October. Shipping issues and delays in the specialty humidified Advent Calendar Box postponed the timely sale. But the boxes have now arrived!

Everyone remembers the first time their parents returned home with that colorfully designed Christmas calendar. Counting down the days until December 25th was virtually your only concern at the time, but now there was added incentive! Fast forward a few decades and the tradition continues, with Smoke Inn complimenting your matured palate with hand-selected premium cigars for every day until Ol’ Saint Nick’s arrival.

“We began working on this back in September of 2020,” commented Abe Dababneh, owner of Smoke Inn. “We wanted to launch it for 2020 but soon realized the impossibility of that. At first, we literally thought that we were going to be the first-ever advent calendar in the cigar industry. As we reached out to various manufacturers for their involvement, we soon realized that not only would we not be the first, but a few companies were planning to launch their own for 2021! That didn’t deter us one bit. We knew our packaging would outshine any other calendar. We went through multiple revisions before we were happy and proud. It had to be functional and maintain the quality of the cigars it held, PLUS attractive enough that it would be a conversation piece when displayed. We also had the advantage of being a retailer. We had the ability to work with an unbelievable selection from a plethora of amazing companies. Our Advent Calendar will offer premium selections from a variety of top companies.”

The Smoke Inn 2021 Advent Calendar consists of 25 cigars from 21 of the most acclaimed manufacturers in the craft cigar space. This includes major players such as Padrón, Arturo Fuente, Tatuaje, Dunbarton, J.C. Newman, Drew Estate, Perdomo, Rocky Patel, Aganorsa Leaf, My Father, Alec Bradley, EPC, and many more. Built for the discerning adult hobbyist, the Smoke Inn Advent Calendar is quite the departure from the chocolate calendars of your youth. Each set features a decorative display, a self-humidified environment for the 25 included cigars, and an elaborate presentation compartment for the final smoke, number 25.

Only 1,000 Smoke Inn Advent Calendars have been made and are on sale now and will ship immediately. Each calendar contains over $300 in value, though Smoke Inn will be selling the unique cigar collections for $265.

The only question that remains: will cigar fanatics have the patience to wait and open ONLY ONE per day?

Cigar News: Smoke Inn 2021 Cigar Advent Calendar Now Available

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Smoke Inn 2021 Cigar Advent Calendar Now Available

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