Cigar News: Screwpop Announces Magpulse Cutter

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Cigar News: Screwpop Announces Magpulse Cutter

Cigar News: Screwpop Announces Magpulse Cutter

Magpulse™ capitalizes on the dual properties of ultra-strong neodymium rare earth magnets. Simply press (and hold) the centralized trigger to experience Magpulse™ thrust open using “repulse” magnetic force phenomena.

When deployed, the Magpulse™ slider blade is held open by magnetic attraction to a few small metal tabs embedded within the main body assembly (trigger side). These small metal tabs serve to provide a temporary anchor (that keep the assembly open) until the trigger is completely released.

Once reoriented in the hand, the Magpulse™ trigger then works as a “semi-friction break”. It applies a small linear force to the face of the slider blade. In concert, the trigger friction-break and attraction force harmonize for a smooth closure of the Magpulse™ – resulting in a premium tip cut.

The stylish Magpulse™ is brought to life using the latest and best in CNC milling technology. Each cutter has ultra-sharp blades and the main body is milled entirely from 6061T6 aerospace grade solid aluminum billet (with a durable anodized finish for years of use).

Manufacturing — CNC Machined
Main Body — 6061T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminum Billet (anodized)
Cutting Blades and Trigger Parts — 440c Stainless Steel (hardened)
Packaging — Decorative Gift Box
Retail Price — $99.95
Release Date — September, 2018
Intellectual Property Status — Patent Pending USPTO (utility patent)

View the video below to see how the Magpulse works.

Cigar News: Screwpop Announces Magpulse Cutter

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Screwpop Announces Magpulse Cutter

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