Cigar News: Oliveros Gran Retorno Makes a Comeback

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – From the creators of the award-winning small batch Aging Room line, Altadis U.S.A. is relaunching Oliveros Gran Retorno, now back with Extra Añejo.

The Oliveros Gran Retorno is a small batch series of cigars featuring tobaccos that have undergone a unique aging process – with extra age in each of the three different stages. Most notable is the 33+ months of aging given these premium cigars inside individual cedar boxes which have always provided Oliveros Gran Retorno a complex flavor profile.

When the strategic alliance of Altadis U.S.A. and Boutique Blends Cigars was announced in May 2017, it was decided to immediately concentrate on the expansion of the Aging Room Small Batch brand and prepare the Oliveros line for a later release.

For the relaunch Rafael Nodal, Head of Product Capability for Tabacalera USA, enlisted the help of long-time friend, mentor and Cigar Hall-of-Famer Nestor Plasencia Sr. Together with the Plasencia team, they meticulously chose the blend of tobaccos for the cigars and then began the process of aging the tobaccos and the cigars to perfection.

The result is the Oliveros Gran Retorno and a three-stage aging process that entailed aging the tobaccos in traditional bales for 24 months. The cigars then remained “reposado” in the factory Cedar Room for six months before being packed and aged for more than 33 months in their individual cedar boxes in company’s state of the art humidor in Tampa, Fla. That is over five years of aging.

“I love to create new flavors and new experiences,” Nodal explained. “This unique three-stage aging process revealed different characteristics at every step of the way. I loved observing how the tobaccos were becoming a beautiful marriage of flavors as they continued to mature.”

The Oliveros Gran Retorno is presented in three frontmarks that pay homage to different genres of music – the Swing (6×50 – $7.70), Banjo (4 ½x54 – $7.92) and Fiddle (6×54 – $8.13) – and will be available in three different wrappers: Connecticut, Habano and Maduro. The Oliveros Gran Retorno Connecticut will be released in late August, followed by the Habano in October, and finishing off the line will be the Maduro in December.

All blends are 100% Nicaraguan Tobacco from the Plasencia family’s private reserves, with the exception of the shade wrapper, which is a Connecticut seed grown in Honduras by Plasencia.

Cigar News: Oliveros Gran Retorno Makes a Comeback

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Oliveros Gran Retorno Makes a Comeback

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