Cigar News: Meerapfel Richard Announced

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The inception of MEERAPFEL Cigar defines a new segment in the premium cigar industry by merging an unrivaled past with the most innovative techniques of the future.

To sublime and reinvent the quintessential cigar experience, MEERAPFEL has deconstructed every element and process composing a premium cigar. From the tobacco selection and unique aging, Master Blending, implementation of strict controls of the cigar manufacturing and proprietary maturation processes, reinventing the garment and the chest, seals and lithography, to using century old techniques of handcrafting ribbons. Crowned with personalized services such as training sessions with the specialist retailers all culminating into a unique experience and MEERAPFEL Cigar community.

Whether in French and Italian haute couture, Swiss horlogerie and old-world supercars, this level of detail is found in the most prestigious European legacy brands. The MEERAPFEL family is proud to introduce this UberLuxury segment to the premium cigar aficionado.

“A tribute to our past; respecting our future!”, exclaims Jeremiah Meerapfel, Chairman of the company. “The UberLuxury is an expression of tradition, values, and respect. It is the mission of MEERAPFEL to preserve and perpetuate this expression.”

The initial release of the “Richard” Master Blend will be presented in ornamented caskets showcasing 10 Double Robusto cigars (5 ¾ x 52), with a suggested retail price of $86 per cigar.

This release will soon be followed by UberTraditional vitolas: Corona Gorda (5 ½ x 46), Lancero (7 ½ x 40), Robusto (4 ⅞ x 50), Lonsdale (6 ¾ x 43), Churchill (7 x 47) & Pyramide (6 ⅛ x 52): all in chests of 25 cigars.

The revelation of these masterpieces will be marked as a paradigm-shift in the history of the cigar industry.

Cigar News: Meerapfel Richard Announced

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Meerapfel Richard Announced

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