Cigar News: Light ’em Up COM Announced as New Platform for Virtual Trade Shows and Events

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(Vienna, Austria): Light Em Up World, host of the Light em Up Lounge, a renowned weekly interactive live show for cigar passionados, will be launching a creative and state-of-the-art platform for virtual events early 2021.

The success story of the Light Em Up Lounge with an ever-growing community reaching over a quarter-million viewers from over 70 countries, with guests and icons from the highest ranks of the premium cigar world continues with a new creative twist. The host of the weekly show Reinhard Pohorec has transformed the Light em Up Lounge into a quintessential must-attend event for cigar lovers across the world. The show has become an established name, where now Pohorec is ready to take it one step further by cofounding Light em Up COM, a large-scale online cigar platform for virtual trade shows.

“Light em Up is the quintessential expression of my deep love and respect for the industry, my most sincere ambition and passion to make a contribution to the cigar industry. The need for a large-scale online solution has become clearly apparent and I realized the keen interest of followers for in-depth information on cigars, as well as a most authentic, close personal exchange with the icons of the cigar world”, Pohorec summarizes. Pohorec continues, “As such, my partners and I created Light em Up COM to offer cigar connoisseurs and passionados an interactive way to access, and forge meaningful connections with producers and leading figures of the industry alike.”

The Light em Up COM is a digital mobile-friendly space. It is equipped with the latest technologies and online interaction tools including virtual cigar booths, large format stages, individual break-out rooms and one-on-one chat boxes. It is aimed to connect attendees and exhibitors from across the globe, without the logistical efforts, cumbersome arrangements and expensive resources a traditional trade show requires.

Light em Up Com will offer a vast array of live masterclasses and seminars, interactive product advertising tools, VR experiences and instant client feedback tools, thus providing exhibitors with all the data required to connect with and understand their distributers and final consumers.

Just like at any other trade show, exhibitors can seamlessly present new products, make deals, share knowledge, forge connections, and launch new collaborations in a reliable, efficient and perfectly structured manner. The platform is meant to be a dreamland of cigars and global get together of all the cigar industry, hence the name “COM”.

Light em Up COM is the brain child of 3 partners combining relevant and complementing business experience in the areas of operations, finance, IT, and business development across multiple industries including tobacco, and in particular premium & fine cigars. Their collaborative and disruptive approach is aimed at elevating the experience, improving the reach and simplifying processes to cultivate better reach, feedback and analysis. Mr. Raed W. Saqfelhait is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Leaf Master Tobacco Trading LLC, Dubai – UAE, which is the largest regional cigar distributer in the GCC @theleafmastercigarsdubai , while Mr. Kevin Alderweireldt is the Founder of Cousteau Studio, one of Europe’s leading VR Experience companies

It is worth noting that many leading industry brands have already expressed their commitment and support to Light em Up COM.

For more information, please sign up on the Light em Up World landing page If you would like more information about COM, please email

Cigar News: Light ’em Up COM Announced as New Platform for Virtual Trade Shows and Events

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Light ’em Up COM Announced as New Platform for Virtual Trade Shows and Events

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