Cigar News: Joya de Nicaragua Clásico Now Available

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Cigar News: Joya de Nicaragua Clásico Now Available

Cigar News: Joya de Nicaragua Clásico Now Available

Estelí, Nicaragua. Now more than ever, we are pushed in a constant
search for change and novelty. However, there are moments when we
want a break from that rush as we crave to go back in time and relive
memories of a time when life was simpler. Only a few special things or
places can re-enact that feeling, and your first and most memorable
cigars is one of those.

The Joya de Nicaragua Clásico is back in the US market, with revamped packaging but the same timeless quality, exclusively available at Casa de Montecristo & JR Cigars.

Back in 1968, no one would have thought that cigars would shape the city of Estelí. In the United States, tobacconists would not have imagined that 5 decades later, consumers would be clamoring for Nicaraguan cigars; or that Nicaragua would become the number 1 cigar exporter to the US.

With Clásico, Joya de Nicaragua is implementing the quintessential
“if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” because some things need to change, others simply need to #StayClasico.

As Mario Perez, JDN’s Sales Director explains: “Clásico goes back to America at moment when we have reached the highest quality standards at the factory in our 50 year history, but we kept the same blend that the founders of the company created, the blend that once captivated world leaders when it was the official cigar of the White House back in the 70s.”

The wait is over, Joya de Nicaragua’s best selling cigar will be available to American consumers across the country. Many have asked us to bring it back during their visits to our factory in Estelí, others when we meet them abroad. That is why, Joya de Nicaragua and Drew Estate partnered with Casa de Montecristo and JR Cigars to commercialize Clásico, nationwide, starting June 2018.

Joya Black will be available to all retailers and will be presented during the upcoming IPCPR 84th Annual Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas in July 2018. Drew Estate will distribute the brand in the U.S. as JDN’s exclusive distributor. Joya Black will also be available worldwide through our International Marketing Division and JDN’s partners.


Cigar News: Joya de Nicaragua Clásico Now Available

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Joya de Nicaragua Clásico Now Available

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