Cigar News: Jas Sum Kral Munchies Bananas Foster Announced

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The latest installment of the Munchies flavor-enhanced premium cigar line is based on the well known dessert…the Bananas Foster.

This idea began as another test blend concept that was sent out to many cigar smokers to test drive it. It was received with rave reviews, so much so that Fat Ash Cigar Lounge even requested it be added to their Munchies Breffus 5-pack. While the Breffus Bananas Foster was a Maduro blend, this offering is a Habano.

Typical of the actual dessert, flavor notes picked up were bananas, brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla bean. As previously stated, the Habano wrapper adds a hint of spice, which showcases on the back end of the flavor profile. The Habano spice on the finish was noted by many, and one person in particular.

Someone provided a small rum distillery a Bananas Foster to sample, as they were looking for a quality flavor-enhanced cigar to pair with their rum. Based on that interaction, the distillery is now carrying the Munchies Bananas Foster, as it paired perfectly with rum. They went so far as to state that this cigar, hands down, was the best cigar they’ve ever smoked along side a glass of rum.

Munchies Bananas Foster cigar. Grab yours while you can.

The cigars, made at Tabacalera Aragon in Esteli, Nicaragua, are Robusto size, 5 inches with a ring of 50. The wrapper is Habano while the binder and filler are undisclosed.

Cigar News: Jas Sum Kral Munchies Bananas Foster Announced

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Jas Sum Kral Munchies Bananas Foster Announced

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