Cigar News: El Artista Fugly Claro Announced

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“The break-out success of Fugly Cheroots caught everyone by surprise in 2019 when the brand exceeded sales forecasts and 2020 same-store sales were utterly impressive. We had no clue this strong and frankly ugly hand-rolled cheroot would take the US by storm, but here we are!” Says Kevin Newman. “For the follow-up Fugly we wanted to keep the cowboy-style theme but offer it in a whole new way.”

Dubbed the Fugly Claro, the new blend stays true to the Fugly concept of the freehand cowboy-style cigar and features El Artista’s own Dominican Corojo Claro wrapper, no binder, and a combination of strong long-leaf ligero tobaccos from the USA and Dominican Republic.

Priced at just $3.00 SRP per cigar, Fugly Claro comes in a 100-CT chest style rough-hewn box. Since Fugly is freehand rolled sizes range from 37-40 ring gauge and are generally 5” long. Available to US retailers on September 23, 2020.

Cigar News: El Artista Fugly Claro Announced

Aaron LoomisCigar News: El Artista Fugly Claro Announced

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