Cigar News: Davidoff Grand Cru Diademas Finas Limited Edition Announced

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Basel, Switzerland, June 2024. Davidoff Cigars concludes its “Cigar History Re-Rolled” series with an innovation that will go down in the history of the brand: Since the launch of its “The Difference” campaign, Davidoff has brought back three iconic cigars from its White Band Collection lines Signature, Millennium and Aniversario as limited editions. To conclude the series with a grand finale, the brand honors its Grand Cru line with a new format and a unique blend. The fourth and final release takes its inspiration from the world of wine, appealing to both cigar aficionados and wine connoisseurs. Presented in the brand’s first Grand Cru figurado format, the cigar exemplifies expert craftsmanship and reveals its fruity character gradually – just like a fine Bordeaux.

With the launch of the Grand Cru Diademas Finas Limited Edition Collection, the global leader for premium handmade cigars has revealed another interesting fact about its cigar production: Davidoff cultivates 15 terroirs in the Dominican Republic. Each terroir’s respective tobaccos create different sensorial experiences. Different growing conditions bring different flavor profiles. “The possibilities offered by different terroirs in winemaking and the blending of at least three different main grape varieties in French wine making inspired Zino Davidoff in 1946 to create a cigar line that would be blended in the same way as a fine red wine. The line we know today as Grand Cru has its origins in this wine-cigar analogy”, explains Edward Simon, CMO at Oettinger Davidoff. “Our new Grand Cru Diademas Finas with a wine cask aged filler tobacco is based on this idea, as the cigar perfectly reflects the main aromas of a well-aged red wine.”

The Dominican San Vicente seco filler tobacco is a finer leaf that can absorb more of the wine’s aroma from the cask, helping the cigar to resemble the characteristics of a great red – a combination that rolls around in the mouth like wine being swirled in a glass.

The exceptional experience begins with pronounced citrus notes. As the filler tobaccos become more prominent, the taste evolves towards pepper and roasted nuts. Creamy notes add to the remarkable balance of the cigar. In the second third, the wine cask aged Dominican San Vicente seco comes to the fore. Aromas of dark cherries dominate and are complemented by oak wood and earth. The grand finale of the Diademas Finas is characterized by pronounced notes of walnut and an increase in intensity. Additional flavors of fresh spice and vanilla add the finishing touches to a truly Grand Cru experience.

From July 4th, 2024, the Davidoff Grand Cru Diademas Finas Limited Edition Collection will be available at select Davidoff Appointed Merchants, premium cigar retailers and in all Davidoff of Geneva since 1911 flagship stores.

Cigar News: Davidoff Grand Cru Diademas Finas Limited Edition Announced

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Davidoff Grand Cru Diademas Finas Limited Edition Announced

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