Cigar News: Davidoff Dominicana Announced

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Basel/Switzerland, April 2021 – Davidoff pursues its mission to fill time beautifully by creating the best and most remarkable cigar experiences conceivable. The leading premium cigar maker launches a cigar line predominantly blended with elaborately aged vintage tobaccos from the Dominican Republic to create a taste journey that plays to the essence of the vibrant Dominican lifestyle and culture.

“The Davidoff brand is globally revered for cigars of sophistication and superior quality. To embrace our heritage we created the Dominicana line that reflects the vitality and colourful culture of the Dominican Republic. To achieve this task, our Master Blenders combined five Dominican tobaccos with an Ecuadorian binder and awarded the creation with a Dominican wrapper to compose the Davidoff Dominicana. We are pleased to have succeeded in developing a cigar that unites complex and manifold flavours with the smooth classiness of the White Band Collection and which captures the Dominican joy de vivre,” says Edward Simon, Chief Marketing Officer at Oettinger Davidoff AG. “The Davidoff Dominicana is not only a spirited example of Davidoff’s expertise and excellence in craftsmanship, but is also a statement to our enormous assortment of vintage tobacco stocks. The tobaccos harvested in 2014 have been carefully aged over six years to be eventually blended into the Davidoff Dominicana, making it a bold testimony of our vintage proposition. The Davidoff Dominicana emphasizes Davidoff’s core difference that aficionados worldwide value highly with our brand and company and our tireless efforts to delight our customers with unique propositions”, he continues.

The Davidoff Dominicana will add a refined, yet full-bodied taste experience to the portfolio carrying the iconic white ring. The Dominicana is finished with a signature pigtail to highlight the mastery of the Davidoff cigar rollers and is adorned by a golden foot band revealing the year of the tobacco harvest. To achieve the vibrant taste sensation that builds on the joyful culture and vitality of the Dominican Republic, Davidoff’s Master Blenders opened the deep vaults of tobaccos to create an unmatched cigar statement. The blend of tobaccos aged up to six years delivers a complex yet pleasant taste experience. The first third appeals with notes of fresh spices imparted by the Yamasá Visus filler tobacco complemented with hints of black pepper and oak wood. In the second third, the Ecuadorian binder adds a deep creaminess supported by subtle notes of leather and dark chocolate. The final third closes off with flavours of dried fruits mingling with oak wood and fresh spices. The extended aging of the tobaccos harvested in 2014 allow this sophisticated and elaborate taste journey that make this full-bodied yet balanced cigar experience second to none.

Staying true to the promise of uncompromising quality and craftsmanship, the Davidoff Dominicana line will be available to aficionados as long as supplies of the vintage tobacco components last. To ensure Davidoff Dominicana arrives in pristine condition and the vintage tobaccos develop their best flavors, the cigars have been rolled over 12 months ago. This extended resting period will ensure time beautifully filled to all aficionados who choose to try one of these exclusive Davidoff Dominicana cigars. The line is presented in three formats suitable for any cigar moment: a Toro, a Robusto and a Short Robusto. All cigars are available in wooden boxes of ten cigars and the packaging is outfitted with an icon to highlight the vintage tobacco blend.

Wrapper: Hybrid 257 from Dominican Republic
Binder: Hybrid 151 from Ecuador
Filler: San Vicente Visus, San Vicente Mejorado Seco, Piloto Visus, Dominican Corojo 99 Seco and Yamasá Visus from the Dominican Republic

Toro – 6×54
Robusto – 5 1/8×52
Short Robusto – 4×50

Launch & Availability
From May 2021, the Davidoff Dominicana Limited Release cigars will be available at select Davidoff Appointed Merchants and Flagship Stores.

Cigar News: Davidoff Dominicana Announced

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Davidoff Dominicana Announced

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