Cigar News: Crowned Heads Announces Court Reserve XVIII

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The genesis and inspiration of the company name ‘Crowned Heads’ was a far cry from anything ‘royal;’ however, over the years the Crowned Heads legion of supporters has been quietly and reverently referred to as our ‘Court.’ By literal definition, a court is an extended royal household, which in some cases would be comprised of thousands of individuals.

It is in this spirit that Crowned Heads is very proud to announce “Crowned Heads Court Reserve XVIII.” CHC Reserve was crafted specifically with a spirit of gratitude and humility towards those and for those that have supported Crowned Heads over the years. To create this project, we went back to where it all began for us, i.e., Tabacalera La Alianza, S.A., and consulted with cigar industry icon, Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. We selected tobaccos based upon terroir, small-batch availability, and aging. We then selected three of the first vitolas we ever put into regular production: Corona Gorda (46 x 5 5/8), Robusto (50 x 5) and Sublime (54 x 6). From there, cigars were blended for each vitola, taking into careful consideration the differing ratios of wrapper-to-binder/filler. The goal was to create excellence from cigar to cigar, from box to box, with little to no variance whatsoever.

The result, “CHC ReserveXVIII,” is a one-time yield of approximately 150,000 toral cigars that will never be replicated again. The flavor profile is an approachable but experienced medium-bodied smoke. The taste exudes a balanced and delicate ‘menage a trois ‘ of three primary characteristics: a jammy dried fruit component, a fall-like wagon ride of walnuts and leather, and a pastry chef’s delight of baker’s chocolate and graham cracker.

Packaged in 20-count wooden boxes, CHC Reserve XVIII is a connoisseur’s experience that was created specifically for our ‘Court,’ and exists because of our ‘Court.’ Coming Fall 2018.

The blend consists of a Mexican San Andrés wrapper, Ecuadorian binder and fillers from Nicaragua.

Cigar News: Crowned Heads Announces Court Reserve XVIII

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Crowned Heads Announces Court Reserve XVIII

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