Cigar News: Casa de Ortez La Malinche Announced

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Casa de Ortez proudly introduces “La Malinche,” a groundbreaking achievement in the Tobacco world. This exceptional release marks the debut of the first-ever sun-grown wrapper cultivated in the Condega Valley, representing a significant milestone in our family’s legacy since 1967.

For over 50 years, we have meticulously nurtured tobacco in the fertile lands of Condega Valley. Today, we celebrate the unveiling of “La Malinche,” rolled with flawless wrappers in two captivating tones that exemplify our Nicaraguan heritage. These wrappers have undergone a painstaking six-year process of genetic mix and fermentation, resulting in a one-of-a-kind flavor profile. Each tobacco leaf delivers a delightful interplay of bittersweet chocolate notes, followed by a creamy explosion that leaves a clean and lingering taste.

“La Malinche” pays homage to the virtues embodied by Nicaraguan women and their invaluable contributions to the tobacco industry. We honor their resilience, gratitude, and empowerment, which have fueled our passion and drive. As we present “La Malinche,” we recognize the indomitable spirit of Victoria, Maribel, and Anielka, influential women who have made their mark in the Tobacco Industry.

Casa de Ortez invites cigar aficionados worldwide to embark on a unique sensory journey with “La Malinche.” Experience the meticulous care and profound dedication that has gone into cultivating these sun-grown wrappers from Condega. Our product is available for pre-order and will be available in the USA starting the second week of September. Please note that only 1,000 boxes of each “La Malinche” will be available.

Victoria – 5.5×52 – $12.00/cigar

Maribel – 6×54 – $11.00/cigar

Anielka – 4×46 – $10.00/cigar

Each blend is packaged in 20 count boxes

As pioneers of this remarkable feat, Casa de Ortez continues its unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled tobacco experiences. With “La Malinche,” we redefine tradition, innovation, and the spirit of Condega tobacco.

Cigar News: Casa de Ortez La Malinche Announced

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Casa de Ortez La Malinche Announced

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