Cigar News: Camacho Introduces A Throw Down For The Barrel-Ages

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PINELLAS PARK, FL (WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22, 2018) –– Camacho, the world’s leading brand of bold cigars, challenges you to stand with your Barrel-Aged Brothers and fight for your spirit. This is Bourbon vs. Rum, Camacho style. From the Great Smoky Mountains of Kentucky to the sweet volcanic soil of Nicaragua, we’re bringing you bold barrel-aged blends that’ll kick you right in the taste buds.

Having first pioneered and perfected the art of aging Original Corojo tobacco in Kentucky Bourbon barrels for American Barrel-Aged, Camacho then ventured further south to harness the wild flavors of Nicaragua with Esteli-grown Corojo aged in some of the world’s oldest Nicaraguan Rum barrels for Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged. Today, Camacho challenges you to make a declaration of individual choice. Pick a side: Bourbon vs. Rum.

To lead the challenge, Camacho is working in collaboration with two Live Loud masters of their craft. On one side, Whiskey expert and educator, Tom Fischer, founder of and creator of the first ever Whiskey Sommelier category, has been named captain of team American Barrel-Aged. On the other side, Chef David Rose, aka “Big Swole”, creator of the T.L.C. Experience: Tastings, Libations, Cigars, national brand ambassador and culinary instructor for Big Green Egg, and Food Network personality, will captain team Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged.

The captains will lead their side in the Bourbon vs. Rum Challenge providing spirit, food and cigar pairings that will stimulate your senses in a throw down like no other.

Follow @camachocigars on Facebook and Instagram for select in-store events featuring Big Green Egg, customized pairings, entertainment with an educational twist and a social media battle for which barrel-aged contender packs the biggest punch.

Keep a look out for hashtag #CamachoThrowdown to witness the battle unfold. Join in, pick a side, and let us know where your allegiance lies. Bourbon or Rum? You be the judge.


 The Bourbon vs. Rum Challenge kicks off in August 2018 and will continue for the remainder of the year with social media contests, in-store retail promotions and nationwide events. Tom Fischer and David Rose will be battling live at Davidoff of Geneva Since 1911 – Tampa, on August 30th from 4- 9pm.

The Camacho American Barrel-Aged and Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged blends are in regular production and currently available in the US, Asia and select European markets.

Camacho American Barrel-Aged blend:

Wrapper: American Broadleaf (US)

Binder: American Broadleaf (US)

Filler: American Broadleaf (US), Pennsylvania Maduro (US), Authentic Corojo (Honduras)

Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged blend:

Wrapper: Habano 2000 (Ecuador)

Binder: Negrito San Andres (Mexico)

Filler: Corojo 99 (Nicaragua), Piloto Cubano (DR), San Vicente (DR)

Cigar News: Camacho Introduces A Throw Down For The Barrel-Ages

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Camacho Introduces A Throw Down For The Barrel-Ages

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