Cigar News: Camacho Announces Two New Cigars for 2020


Camacho Cigars will celebrate its bold heritage with two powerful blends, beginning with the highly-acclaimed Liberty Series which features one of the most versatile and multi-dimensioned blends in the series. Following will be an exciting and bold, yet balanced Camacho Nicaragua that is forged in the fiery volcanic soil of Nicaragua.

Camacho Liberty Series
Now 18 years strong, the Camacho Liberty Series is one of the most highly-acclaimed annual releases for collectors and aficionados of bold, full-frontal cigars which honors the birth and history of the United States. This year’s Gordo box-pressed Liberty Series utilizes four different primings of tobacco, which come from a single farm and single vintage. Aged four years, this distinct blend truly showcases the versatile and multitude of flavors that can be achieved when utilizing this incredible varietal.

Length: 6”
Diameter: 60 RG
Format: Gordo Box-Pressed
Wrapper: Ecudorian Habano
Binder: Corojo from Honduras
Filler: Corojo from Dominican Republic and Honduras
MSRP/Cigar: $20.00
Production: 4,185 boxes world-wide
Release Date: June 2020

Camacho Nicaragua
The Camacho Nicaragua is built with uncompromising mastery that harnesses the wild flavors of Nicaragua, forged in the volcanic soil and expertly crafted for those with boldness in their soul. Starting with the sweet, spicy and oaky flavors that define tobacco from this region, Camacho Nicaragua is a distinctly complex blend that makes for a bold and unforgettable taste experience. A smoke that delivers full-frontal, all-out flavor that rewards you at every draw.

Format: Robusto 5 x 52 | Toro 6 x 50 | Churchill 7 x 56
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras and Dominican Republic
MSRP/Cigar: Robusto $8.60 | Toro $8.80 | Churchill $9.50
Release Date: July 2020

Cigar News: Camacho Announces Two New Cigars for 2020

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Camacho Announces Two New Cigars for 2020

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  • Erik - February 13, 2020 reply

    Does anyone else find it odd that they would call the cigar the Camacho Nicaragua, yet the only Nicaraguan tobacco they use is 1/3 of the filler tobacco? I mean, at least they didn’t name it the Camacho Estelí, but you’d think a cigar named after one of the leading tobacco growing and cigar producing countries, would I dunno, have a bit more Nicaraguan tobacco in it?

    Aaron Loomis - February 13, 2020 reply

    Unfortunately, this is happening more and more.

    Erik - February 16, 2020 reply

    Have they ran out of ideas to name new cigars? I mean, at the very least, come up with some insignificant anniversary date and dedicate it to that like everyone else does. At least that way they are not misleading consumers.

    Randy Griggs - February 16, 2020 reply

    That is odd, I agree. It is hard to believe that this will have the characteristics that we value in Nicaraguan tobacco without either of the outer leaves being Nicaraguan. That being said, It isn’t necessarily fair to call it 1/3 the filler. It very well may be 80% of the filler. They just used 3 origin tobaccos.

    Erik - February 16, 2020 reply

    You are absolutely correct. I wasn’t really referring to the actual leaf %, but more so 1/3 of the listed varietals. Regardless, I don’t see how or why they could call it a Nicaraguan.

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