Cigar News: Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Collection Announced

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STG’s Justin Andrews and Robert Caldwell have collaborated to create Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found, a limited edition collection created in Caldwell’s tradition of bringing “forgotten tobacco” from Central America’s best cigar factories to cigar lovers in the US.

In 2021, Robert Caldwell and Justin Andrews traveled to Honduras, where they were given full-fettered access to the vast tobacco library of the legendary HATSA factory in Danlí. They centered on a reserve of burlap-wrapped bales containing 5-8 year old Ecuadoran Sumatra and Connecticut Broadleaf. These tobaccos would ultimately form the building blocks of Bolivar Cofradia, two limited edition blends crafted at HATSA and shipping to retailers this month.

Given the rarity of the tobaccos used in the blends, Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found will be released in a limited run of five packs.

Justin Andrews said, “Bolivar Cofradia made waves when we re-launched the brand in 2020. It’s fitting that we’re now partnering with Robert Caldwell, given that he’s made a lot of noise in the premium cigar category with his Lost & Found line. This collaboration gave us the opportunity to work with the hidden gems waiting to be discovered in our tobacco library, and we’ve definitely done them justice.”

Robert Caldwell noted, “Lost & Found started when a Central American factory gave me a rare blend to sell in the US, and today with the release of this capsule collection from Bolivar Cofradia, it feels like Lost & Found has come full circle. I would have never imagined standing among a sea of bales at HATSA, knowing that any tobacco we wanted to blend with was available to Justin and me. This collection represents the power of a strong collaboration.”

Handcrafted at HATSA, Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found comes in two varieties, Natural and Oscuro.

Called EMS, the natural blend features 5-8 year-aged Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper, with a Connecticut Broadleaf binder and Dominican, Nicaraguan and Honduran filler. This is a mild to medium bodied smoke with subtle notes of pepper balanced by earth and sweetness. An approachable and symmetrical smoke, EMS delivers a smoking experience best compared to that of a vintage cigar.

Called Oscuro, the maduro-wrapped version is made with a 5-8-year-aged Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, an Ecuadoran Sumatra binder and Dominican, Nicaraguan and Honduran filler. Oscuro is a bold and meaty smoke that delivers peppery notes and a lingering finish of earth and spice.

Robusto EMS (5” x 54) – MSRP per cigar $6.99
Toro EMS (6” x 54) – MSPR per cigar $7.49
Robusto Oscuro (5” x 54) – MSRP per cigar $6.99
Toro Oscuro (6” x 54) – MSPR per cigar $7.49

Artwork on the five packs depicts a modern day and a historical figure riding a chopper, nodding to both the collaboration and the age of the tobaccos. As to which character represents Justin and which one represents Robert, there’s no right answer.

Cigar News: Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Collection Announced

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Bolivar Cofradia Lost & Found Collection Announced

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