Cigar News: AVO Seasons Limited Edition Series 2023 Announced

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Basel, Switzerland, February 2023. AVO Cigars, the global premium cigar brand, is proud to announce the latest limited-edition release, the AVO Seasons Limited Edition Series 2023. AVO releases one cigar per season over the course of the year 2023. Each unique diadema captures the spirit of the respective time of year with its expertly blended tobaccos and aromas.

“This special release has been carefully created by our Master Blenders who have worked with tobaccos across multi-faceted origins to craft the perfect seasonal blends. Tobaccos from each cigar can be found from diverse growing regions such as Ecuador and the Dominican Republic, with tobacco aged for up to
14 years,” says Edward Simon, CMO at Oettinger Davidoff. “We encourage our aficionados to enjoy each cigar while experiencing a moment unique to each season: walking through a garden in spring, watching the setting sun on a summer evening, feeling the air turn crisp as autumn leaves fall, and sitting by a crackling fire in winter.”

Four releases to accompany aficionados throughout the year
All four editions are presented in boxes of ten cigars each. The packaging design reflects each season individually with respective icons, varnished patterns, season-typical colors and graphics. As an ensemble, the boxes illustrate the flow of one whole year with visually connected patterns and themes. The cigars’ respective blends were created from different tobaccos to capture each season with a fitting taste experience. All blends come in a 50 RG x 6 5/8″ diadema format and are of medium intensity.

The limited-edition cigar dedicated to the first months of the year kicks off the series. The spirit of optimistic reawakening after a long and cold winter is perfectly captured by the diadema format. The smell of spring is imitated by floral notes from the Dominican San Vicente seco and the Hybrid 192 visus tobaccos, which
were patiently aged in the Dominican Republic, with one of its special filler tobaccos having aged for 14 years. The light-colored Ecuador Corojo wrapper has a sweetness permeating the experience and reflects the bright colors and feelings of the season through well-balanced flavors of wood, cream, and coffee.

Wrapper: Ecuador Corojo – Binder and Filler: Dominican Republic

The cigar reflecting summer is reminiscent of the hot sun that characterizes and shapes the season. This diadema is vibrant, with an intensity level which reflects summer’s ever-present heat. The shiny and dark brown Ecuador Corojo wrapper adds complexity and at the same time delightful notes of pepper, whereas the Dominican filler tobaccos, one aged for 14 years, provide creamy and fruity notes. In the second third, flavors of dark chocolate enhance the overall taste experience.

Wrapper: Ecuador Corojo – Binder: Mexico – Filler: Dominican Republic

In autumn, the feel of cooler temperatures is a refreshing change after a long summer heat. Colors of the fields alter as the days grow shorter. It is a time to reflect upon memories from the past year and to celebrate time-honored traditions. The combination of the San Andres Maduro wrapper, and Dominican filler tobaccos which were aged for up to 14 years, brings out complex notes of dried fruits, mixed nuts, and sweet spice. These notes are uplifted by a lush creaminess.

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres – Binder and Filler: Dominican Republic

Winter is a time of year when things slow down. Hibernation and indoor gatherings are savored. A crackling fireplace, a warming drink, and this beautiful cigar are the perfect combination for cozy moments at the end of the year. The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is as bright as untouched snow, carefully blended with Dominican filler leaves that are aged up to 14 years. The blend delivers herbal, woody notes with a beautiful creaminess and rich, warm hints of baking spice throughout.

Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut – Binder and Filler: Dominican Republic

Launch & Availability
The first release of the AVO Seasons Limited Edition Series 2023 will be launched in March 2023. Globally, there will be 4000 boxes available per edition.
*Launch dates may vary depending on country.

Cigar News: AVO Seasons Limited Edition Series 2023 Announced

Aaron LoomisCigar News: AVO Seasons Limited Edition Series 2023 Announced

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