Cigar News: Alec & Bradley Begin Shipping Blind Faith

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Cigar News: Alec & Bradley Begin Shipping Blind Faith

Cigar News: Alec & Bradley Begin Shipping Blind Faith

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (08/31/2018) – Alec Bradley Cigars announced today that the inaugural release from Alec & Bradley, ‘Blind Faith,’ is now shipping to Tobacconists worldwide. Alec Bradley Cigar Co. founder, Alan Rubin, started his company in 1996- naming it after his two young sons, with the hope that one day they would join him in the family business. Today, Alec and Bradley Rubin are officially ‘second generation cigar makers.’

“As a father and brand owner I couldn’t be more proud of my two sons,” said Alan. “Their mother is very excited that both of the boys are joining the family business and sharing experiences with me, my father- at age 91- who still opens the office doors every morning and the rest of the Alec Bradley family!”

The elder of the two sons, Alec, said, “my father and mother never pushed Brad or me into the business. From a young age, we watched our father’s passion and respect for the process, the tradition and heritage of Premium Cigars. I’ve been working in the offices for over 4 years, as well as travelling down to Central America with my father and brother- we decided that we wanted to create a brand.”

Bradley joined the company in an official capacity just about a year ago, but had been working with Alec on the blend far before being in the offices.

“We had the full support from our father and Ralph Montero (VP of Alec Bradley) when it came to the brand, the blend and the design,” said Bradley. “The reason Alec and I named our first project ‘Blind Faith’ is because it is our first attempt at launching our own cigar line. From the company, to tobacconists, to cigar enthusiasts- people need to have blind faith that, having grown up around the cigar industry, we can make a our own cigar line.”

Alec & Bradley is an offshoot of the Alec Bradley Cigar Co. Alec and Bradley Rubin have full control over their brand and blends. The vision for the Alec & Bradley brand is to create lines not normally seen in the Alec Bradley Cigar Co. portfolio. Their mission is to have the creative freedom to put out products that represent them. They have decided that there will be no guidelines for the brand, with a goal of bringing ‘disruptive’ products to market.

Speaking on ‘Blind Faith,’ Bradley noted, “When it comes to the packaging, it may look like a guy with an old television on his head and the old school SMPTE colored bars, there is a deeper meaning to the artwork. Today’s society is heavily influenced by technology, including cellphones, tablets, computers and TVs. The meaning of the TV man is to block out the noise created by technology. People are too focused on what they see on social media or what they are saying on the news and it can positively or negatively influence their days and lives. So to truly enjoy ‘Blind Faith’, you need to clear your head from any and all influence that technology has had on your day. If you saw something on the news that made you sad/angry, turn off your television or cellphone and pick up a ‘Blind Faith’!”

The ‘Blind Faith’ blend features a silky smooth wrapper from Alec Bradley’s proprietary farm in Trojes, Honduras. Three different fillers from Esteli are held together by a double binder combination from Honduras and Nicaragua. Unlike the Alec Bradley tradition of blending for flavor first and strength levels later- Alec and Bradley focused on taking bolder tobaccos and blending them for strength with great flavor and balance.

‘Blind Faith’ is rolled at the critically acclaimed Raices Cubanas Factory in Danli, Honduras. At this time, production is limited to a handful of rollers, but is expected to grow. Initially shown at IPCPR 2018, the first production run is completely sold out and there is a waiting list of Tobacconists for future production.

‘Blind Faith’ is presented in 20-count boxes and is available in three sizes:5″ X 52 Ring, Robusto (MSRP: $8.95), 6″ X 52 Ring, Toro (MSRP: $10.00) and 6″ X 60 Ring, Gordo (MSRP: $10.95). All MSRP’s are US, per cigar, before any applicable taxes.

Alec and Bradley are currently working on their next Alec & Bradley release for early 2019.

Cigar News: Alec & Bradley Begin Shipping Blind Faith

Aaron LoomisCigar News: Alec & Bradley Begin Shipping Blind Faith

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