Shelter in Place vHerf – Round 3

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With most everyone on lock down and getting stir crazy, we put together our second vHerf to hang out with members of the industry and just relax and conversate and we had quite the cast of characters join in.

Those who participated were:

Alan Rubin from Alec Bradley
Brian McGee from Crowned Heads
Steve Saka from Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Justin Andrews from General Cigar
Matt Tye from How Bout That Cigar
Riste Riatevski from Jas Sum Kral
Jarrid Trudeau from Kristoff
Michael Herklots from Nat Sherman
Jon Carney from La Flor Dominicana
Fred Rewey
Skip Martin from RoMa Craft Tobac
Abe Dababneh from Smoke Inn
Ben Lee from Stogie Review

and hosted by
William Cooper from Cigar-Coop
Jiunn, John and Aaron from Developing Palates

You can watch the show on our Facebook videos page here or watch it on YouTube below

You can download it to listen from iTunes or Google Play

Shelter in Place vHerf – Round 3

Aaron LoomisShelter in Place vHerf – Round 3

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