IPCPR 2016 Media Recap Show

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As part of our coverage of the IPCPR 2016 trade show, we wanted to bring in some other cigar media members to have a discussion about the event and surrounding topics. We find this type of discussion very informative and entertaining as you get to see the event through multiple sets of eyes and hear varying opinions. For this show, we brought in three very respected cigar media members and people we are lucky enough to call friends, Eric/Master Sensei from Cigar Dojo, Will Cooper from Cigar-Coop and Stogie Geeks and Seth from Cigar Federation.

Each of our sites produce different content from the trade show and thus have different strategies while attending the trade show (or not attending the trade show). We’re hoping to bring you some insight into these strategies along with our experiences and items we found interesting and discussion worthy.

IPCPR 2016 Media Recap Show

Aaron LoomisIPCPR 2016 Media Recap Show

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  • Laura - August 9, 2016 reply

    Along around the 1 hr 25 minute mark of this great recap, the subject of “subletting” booths come up. Seems like some information got distorted “whisper-down-the-lane” style and we wanted to correct it before it spread.

    There was speculation that exhibitors with a partnership can no longer exhibit in the same space, and would have to hike across the show floor; don’t worry, that is *not true*.

    The rule is that all exhibitors must have a contract with us and liability insurance that we can share with the people we work with to put on the show (e.g. the Fire Marshall, unions, etc.). So, if you have a documented business relationship, you can list all members on the contract and continue exhibiting in the same space with your colleagues as always. It is ‘unofficial’ unlisted sub-leasing relationships that are not feasible for the folks we work with — and as we can’t put on a show without their help, we need to follow their rules! Unofficial exhibitors don’t get picked up on the IPCPR app map either, which causes confusion.

    Hope this helps.. We really want to make the show experience BETTER for you not more difficult! Let us know if there are any questions and we’d be happy to help.

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