Editorial: 2017 Fantasy Cigar Shopping Spree

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We wanted to do an exercise where we took a set budget for a year and do a fantasy cigar shopping spree of the cigars that were released in 2017. To come up with the budget number, we created a poll and posted it on our site and various cigar forums that we are members of. We then took an average of all of the responses. The result was a budget of $2,083 and an average number of cigars smoked/purchased of 238.

For those that are interested in additional numbers, there were a total of 112 budget submissions. They ranged from $45 to $15,286. The median budget was $1,008.50.


  1. See what our actual purchasing would look like based on an average smokers budget with a realistic smoking frequency.
  2. Give readers/viewers a resource to reference if they are looking for buying ideas based on last years full cigar release list.


  1. Only cigars that were released in the calendar year of 2017 are eligible.
  2. For cost, we use MSRP in U.S. Dollars.
  3. No Cuban cigars.
  4. Get as close as possible (slightly below/over) to the budget number.
  5. Number of cigars needs to fit at least a years worth of smoking (target 238 cigars), more if the budget can support it.
  6. Cigar has to be one we’ve reviewed on the site.


 Aaron Loomis

Cubariqueño Protocol Themis Toro$9.8915$148.35
Smoking Jacket Henkie$9.0015$135.00
Eiroa The First 20 Years Colorado Robusto$12.2510$122.50
Southern Draw Jacobs Ladder Robusto$9.4910$94.90
Drew Estate FSG Toro$13.004$52.00
Bombay Tobak Gaaja Torpedo$15.504$62.00
Foundation The Wise Man Maduro Corona Gorda$9.9010$99.00
Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias Toro$12.455$62.25
La Aurora 1903 Cameroon Robusto$5.7532$184.00
Crux Epicure Robusto$10.005$50.00
AJ Fernandez New World Puro Especial Toro$9.007$63.00
Cornelius & Anthony Aerial Robusto$9.2510$92.50
Espinosa Pier 28 Maduro Robusto$7.9910$79.90
Cubariqueño Protocol Probable Cause Lancero$10.5010$105.00
MoyaRuiz Il Ridotto Biribi$8.005$40.00
Southern Draw Rose of Sharon Toro$9.508$76.00
La Gloria Cubana Colección Reserva Robusto$7.5920$151.80
Island Lifestyle Aged Reserve Series Sun Grown Toro$9.9510$99.50
Dapper El Borracho Natural Toro$12.164$48.64
CAO Amazon Anaconda$10.494$41.96
La Aurora ADN Dominicano Robusto$7.2520$145.00
Gispert Intenso Toro$6.5020$130.00


 Jiunn Liu

Smoking Jacket Henkie$9.0026$234.00
Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art Robusto$9.9015$148.50
Hit & Run Super Toro$12.508$100.00
AVO Syncro South America Ritmo Toro$11.908$95.20
Jeremy Jack JJ15 Corona Gorda$7.3020$146.00
Southern Draw Rose of Sharon Toro$9.5020$190.00
Serino Wayfarer Corona Gorda$7.7016$123.20
Cubariqueño Protocol Themis Toro$9.8920$197.80
CAO Fuma Em Corda Robusto$7.9916$127.84
Cornelius & Anthony Señor Esugars Robusto$9.756$58.50
La Gloria Cubana Colección Reserva Robusto$7.5920$151.80
Jeremy Jack El Chapo$8.8312$105.96
Casa Fernandez Condega Corojo Serie S Robusto$7.5020$150.00
Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Gran Reserva Belicoso$11.1516$178.40
Foundation The Wise Man Maduro Corona Gorda$9.9015$148.50


Let us know your thoughts on our lists. Ask questions about why we picked certain cigars. Tell us what you would have picked, or what you wouldn’t have picked. We want to hear it all.

Editorial: 2017 Fantasy Cigar Shopping Spree

Aaron LoomisEditorial: 2017 Fantasy Cigar Shopping Spree

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