Editorial: 2016 Fantasy Cigar Shopping Spree



We wanted to do an exercise where we took a set budget for a year and do a shopping spree of the cigars that were released in 2016. To come up with the budget number, we created a poll and posted it on our site and various cigar forums that we are members of. We then took an average of all of the responses. The result was a budget of $2,331.

For those that are interested in additional numbers, there were a total of 141 budget submissions. They ranged from $250 to $18,000. The median budget was $1,500.


  1. See what our actual purchasing would look like based on an average smokers budget with a realistic smoking frequency.
  2. Give readers/viewers a resource to reference if they are looking for buying ideas based on last years full cigar release list.


  1. Only cigars that were released in the calendar year of 2016 are eligible.
  2. For cost, we use MSRP in U.S. Dollars.
  3. No Cuban cigars.
  4. Get as close as possible (slightly below/over) to the budget number.
  5. Number of cigars needs to fit at least a years worth of smoking (use 100 as a minimum), more if the budget can support it.
  6. Cigar has to be one we’ve reviewed on the site.


 Aaron Loomis

AJ Fernandez Bellas Artes Short Churchill$8.255$41.25
Bombay Tobak Gaaja$15.505$77.50
CAO Consigliere Associate$7.0014$98.00
Cornelius & Anthony Venganza Robusto$9.0010$90.00
Crux Sports$3.2520$65.00
Cubariqueño Protocol Lancero$10.995$54.95
Cubariqueño Protocol Probable Cause Churchill$9.8910$98.90
Davidoff Nicaragua Box-Pressed Toro$17.205$86.00
Davidoff Yamasá Pirámides$23.0010$230.00
Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Mi Querida Ancho Largo$9.455$47.25
Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Sobremesa Short Churchill$10.4515$156.75
Espinosa Pier 28 Habano Robusto$7.9920$159.80
Foundation Tabernacle Toro$11.505$57.50
Fratello Bianco The Boxer$10.0010$100.00
Fratello Oro Toro$8.755$43.75
Hammer & Sickle Museum Series$10.005$50.00
Illusione Rothchildes Connecticut$5.5020$110.00
Jas Sum Kral Red Knight Lancero$9.5010$95.00
Jas Sum Kral Red Knight Robusto$7.5010$75.00
La Aurora 1962 Corojo Robusto$5.505$27.50
Matilde Quadrata Robusto$8.505$42.50
Matilde Serena Corona$6.7520$135.00
Mombacho Liga Maestro Doble Robusto$10.965$54.80
Recluse Amadeus Habano Reserva Lancero$8.9510$89.50
Southern Draw Kudzu Axil Lancero$8.995$44.95
Southern Draw QuickDraw Connecticut Short Panatela$6.0010$60.00
Torano Exodus Robusto$6.9920$139.80


 Jiunn Liu

Byron Serie Siglo XXI Elegantes$33.0012$396.00
Caldwell Eastern Standard Midnight Express Jockey Club Robusto$11.205$56.00
Cordoba & Morales Finca Sante Fe$20.005$100.00
Cornelius & AnthonyVenganza Robusto$9.255$46.25
Crux Sports$3.759$33.75
Cubariqueño Protocol Lancero$10.995$54.95
Cubariqueño Protocol Probable Cause Churchill$9.895$49.45
Davidoff Nicaragua Box-Pressed Toro$17.205$86.00
Davidoff Yamasa Pirámides$23.005$115.00
Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Mi Querida Ancho Largo$9.455$47.25
Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Sobremesa Short Churchill$10.455$52.25
Espinosa Crema No. 4$8.255$41.25
Espinosa Pier 28 Habano Robusto$7.995$39.95
Foundation Charter Oak CT Shade Rothchild$5.0010$50.00
HVC San Isidro$10.8010$108.00
Illusione Garagiste Robusto$8.9510$89.50
Illusione H-Town Lancero$9.955$49.75
Illusione Haut 10$15.9512$191.40
Illusione Rothchildes Connecticut$5.5010$55.00
Jas Sum Kral Red Knight Robusto$7.505$37.50
Jas Sum Kral Zlatno Sonce Toro$10.605$53.00
Matilde Quadrata Robusto$8.505$42.50
Matilde Serena Corona$6.755$33.75
Mombacho Liga Maestro Doble Robusto$10.965$54.80
Nomad Martial Law$12.005$60.00
Recluse Amadeus Habano Reserva Lancero$8.955$44.75
Southern Draw QuickDraw Connecticut Petit Corona$5.005$25.00
Warped Maestro Del Tiempo 5712$9.653$28.95
Warped Maestro Del Tiempo 6102R$10.5025$262.50
Warped Villa Sombra Mojitos$8.803$26.40


Let us know your thoughts on our lists. Ask questions about why we picked certain cigars. Tell us what you would have picked, or what you wouldn’t have picked. We want to hear it all.

Editorial: 2016 Fantasy Cigar Shopping Spree

Jiunn LiuEditorial: 2016 Fantasy Cigar Shopping Spree

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  • Arless - January 11, 2017 reply

    Very interesting concept. It caused me to mentally review my purchases over the last year. In 2017 I am going to track my purchases and review at the end of the year. I am surprised by the omissions, no Padrons, no Tatuaje, no Crowned Heads? These always make up a significant part of my annual purchases. Otherwise my tastes seem to lean more toward Jiunn’s list. Almost a third from each of your lists are not familiar to me and I haven’t had the opportunity to smoke. My high dollar buys were Opus X Angel’s Share (15 sticks – all the shop had at the time) and Padron Anniversary 46 (2 boxes). I do have one of the Byron Serie Siglo XXI Elegantes in my humidor courtesy of the 2 Guys Smoke Shop’s monthly sampler package and after seeing Jiunn’s commitment to it, I am very anxious to light it up. Very creative fellas. In some ways more valuable than a best of list.

    Aaron Loomis - January 13, 2017 reply

    Thanks for the comments. Our selections were limited since it was based on what came out in 2016 and what we officially reviewed on the site, so there were some heavy restrictions on us, but we wanted to have backing to our selections that were easily visible. The reason for omission for some of the brands is that we just have a finite number of cigars we can review in the allotted time and we try to mix in a good number of brands, but obviously we can’t cover them all.

    In regards to your second comment, we have talked about creating a top all-time list for each of us where we’d rank our top cigars regardless of release date and we may still put that together.

  • Arless - January 11, 2017 reply

    It would be interesting to see the difference if you set aside the limitation of strictly what came out that year and then you would truly identify your favorite cigars period. Because you would be buying them anyway.

  • Riste Riatevski - January 13, 2017 reply

    Dope Concept ..glad you guys bought some JSK

  • Marc - January 13, 2017 reply

    Dig the concept! Very fun. I too lean towards Jiunn’s list and wonder about the omission of Crowned Heads, Tatuaje, L’Atelier & Viaje. I’m also curious about the quantities selected since I would have taken fewer sticks per item in order to get more variety. Perhaps I am missing the idea somewhat since this seems more stocking up on what you’ve already known as favorites, rather than a broader selection including less familiar releases? Having said that however, I would have probably focused more on sticks that were not regular production to make sure I had the limited releases and post-predicate items we might not see again. Either way, you really got me thinking! Terrific idea gentlemen.

  • Editorial: Cigar Media 2016 Recap and Fantasy Cigar Shopping Spree - Developing Palates - January 16, 2017 reply

    […] To see the list for Jiunn and Aaron, click here […]

  • Ryan Akins - FUHNAHTIK - February 9, 2017 reply

    I love this idea – some great recommendations on the lists. I missed your sampling, but recently posted my 2016 budget expenditures (not individual cigars, just where I spent money) on r/cigars. I am thinking about being a lot more specific in 2017 in an effort to reduce spending and increase enjoyment of what I do purchase.

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