2019 Cigar of the Year

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There is a difference between this list and other lists out there as these are living lists. While the lists are being published now, as we continue to smoke 2019 releases, the lists will be updated if any new review scores qualify and they will push other cigars off of the lists.

We each have our own list as we feel that is a more valid representation rather than combining our scores to create a single list. The goal of our site is to give you multiple points of view.

The rankings are based on the scores that we each gave a cigar, so the highest rated cigars are ranked that way. If there are any cigars that had matching scores, it is up to the particular reviewer to determine the tiebreaker for those cigars.

To read the full review on any of these cigars, just click on the cigar name.

Also, be sure to check out our video recap which is located just below the lists.


  1. Only cigars that were released in the calendar year of 2019 are eligible.
  2. Cigar has to have been reviewed on the site.


Let us know your thoughts on our lists. We want to hear it all.

2019 Cigar of the Year

Aaron Loomis2019 Cigar of the Year

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