2016 Best Cigar Value

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The worth of something compared to the price paid or asked for it


These lists are meant to represent the cigars with the best value (bang for the buck), not the best low cost cigars. The way that we determined value was by taking our Cost/Point Ratio, which is calculated by dividing the MSRP of the cigar by the score, and subtracting that ratio from the score. The number that this generates is the gap between the score and the Cost/Point Ratio. The higher the value score the better.

This process was done for both of our scores on cigars so that you can see what each of our lists looks like.

As with our Cigar of the Year lists, these lists will continue to be updated for cigars that were released in 2016 as we smoke them and if they rank high enough to make it on to these lists.


  1. Only cigars that were released in the calendar year of 2016 are eligible.
  2. Cigar has to have been reviewed on the site.


 Aaron Loomis


 Jiunn Liu


Let us know your thoughts on our lists. We want to hear it all.

2016 Best Cigar Value

Aaron Loomis2016 Best Cigar Value

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