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Cigar Editorial: An Interview with Henke Kelner and Klaas Kelner of Davidoff

Cigar Editorial: An Interview with Henke Kelner and Klaas Kelner of Davidoff

Developing Palates recently had the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic and see the operations of Tabadom Holding, Inc. from one of their farms and the PTP facility in Jicomé, to the rolling floors of CIDAV and O.K. Cigars in Villa González. We hope you enjoy these interviews.

2018 Best Cigar Value

These lists are meant to represent the cigars with the best value (bang for the buck), not the best low cost cigars.

2018 Cigar of the Year

Take a look at our individual cigar of the year lists which consist of new cigars released in the calendar year of 2018.

Cigar Editorial: When is a 90 not a 90 – 1 Year Later

This article is revisiting the sites a year later and tracking their scores over that year to see what changes, if any, have occurred. We've also included some new sites that weren't in the previous articles. This article will be a mix of collected data and opinion.

Cigar Editorial: Analyzing Altria’s Comments to the FDA

I do believe that cigar industry organizations should continue to fight against all cigar regulation. To vilify companies who are trying to work within the framework of FDA legislation implemented that is done so in a logical, science based, and non-burdensome way, is ultimately self-defeating for the entire industry.

IPCPR 2018: Davidoff Interview

Seth had the opportunity to sit down at IPCPR 2018 with Sam Reuter, Director and Global Brand Ambassador Davidoff and Edward Simon, Chief Marketing Officer Davidoff to talk about the company and their products.

IPCPR Media Recap Show

IPCPR 2018 Media Recap Show

As part of our coverage of the IPCPR 2018 trade show, we wanted to bring in some other cigar media members, along with our expanded team here at Developing Palates, to have a discussion about the event and surrounding topics.