PCA 2021 Recap Show

Traditionally, our PCA (formerly IPCPR) trade show recap shows have all been from the media point of view. This year it is evolving and in addition to media members, we are bringing in cigar brand exhibitors and retailers that attended the show. The goal is to get insight on the event from all three perspectives as well as thoughts on the future of the event. 

Cigar Editorial: Alberta, Canada Blinks on Cigar Lounges

On June 23rd, during the last legislative reading of the 2020 Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Amendment Act, an exemption was quietly added to allow for cigar and vape lounges in Alberta, Canada. This update was largely focused around bringing the Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act, last updated in 2018, to include language around vaping and associated restrictions.

2020 Best Cigar Value

This list is meant to represent the cigars with the best value (bang for the buck), not the best low cost cigars.

2020 Cigar of the Year

Take a look at our cigar of the year list which consist of new cigars released in the calendar year of 2020.

Cigar Editorial: When is a 90 not a 90 – 3 Years Later

This article is revisiting the sites three years later and tracking their scores over the last year to see what changes, if any, have occurred. We've also removed some sites. This article will be a mix of collected data and opinion.

Developing Palates

Shelter in Place vHerf – Round 4

With most everyone on lock down and getting stir crazy, we put together a vHerf to hang out with members of the industry and just relax and conversate and we had quite the cast of characters join in.