TPE 2023 Recap Show

We recap the TPE 2023 trade show with insight from the exhibitor, retailer and media point of view.

2022 Best Cigar Value

This list is meant to represent the cigars with the best value (bang for the buck), not the best low cost cigars.

2022 Cigar of the Year

Take a look at our 2022 Cigar of the Year list which consist of new cigars released between November 2021 and August 2022.

Cigar Editorial: Weaselfest 2022 Recap

Cigar Editorial: Weaselfest 2022 Recap

Listen man, if it isn’t apparent by now, I was already fully committed to returning in 2023 halfway through the weekend. If you’re a fan of RoMa Craft cigars, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t be attending either. The price for a standard ticket is less than the price of a box of cigars, and the value you get from that is clearly far beyond that. I hope to see you there.

PCA 2022 Recap Show

We are continuing the format of this panel from last year as we'll have cigar brand exhibitors, retailers and media that attended the show. The goal is to get insight on the event from all three perspectives as well as thoughts on the future of the event.